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So, What Do We Think Of Robert Pattinson’s Hair?

Well, it’s not like this is the first time he’s done this to us. Still, after waiting for hours to see Robert Pattinson appear at the People’s Choice Awards (sometimes known as the Twilight Awards, only this year, there was no actual eligible Twi-movie), it came as a bit of a shock. There he was, sitting in the front row with Betty White, sans his adorably mussed locks. And when he got up to accept the Favorite Drama Movie award for Water for Elephants, he seemed a little shocked himself — how does one accept an award without running your hand through your hair? Well, he did it like a champ, of course. Anyway, more on the PCAs soon, but in the meantime, let’s hear your thoughts (eulogies?) on RPattz’s buzzcut in the comments below.

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Michelle Williams Vs. Carey Mulligan: Which Pixie Is This Week’s Hotness?

As a short-hair girl myself, I always feel a special kinship with other ladies I meet who dare to shear their flowing locks. So I wonder, too, if this year’s awards season darlings Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan feel like they’re sisters of a sort, due to their adorable blond ‘dos. Or maybe, as Hollywood is wont to do, they’ve been forced into a rivalry by half-blind casting directors who see them as interchangeable. I hope not, because the Shame and the My Week With Marilyn stars are both awesome in unique ways. But, contrarily, we decided to promote a different kind of rivalry, by making you vote for them in this week’s Hotness poll.

We’ll get plenty more chances to see future Mrs. Daisy Buchanan Carey and the all-American Dawson’s Creek alum Michelle in the coming weeks, since they’re both nominated for, like, everything, beginning with the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards tomorrow night — head over to at 6 p.m. ET to see if they’re walking the red carpet. But in the meantime, peruse this gallery of the two lovely ladies and vote!

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Kat Graham, Julie Bowen, Zoe Saldana Are Golden At Globes Kick-Off Party

Let the pre-parties begin! The 2012 Golden Globes will happen in exactly one week, and the celebrations have already kicked in. Audi and Martin Katz held a party in honor of the event at Cecconi’s restaurant in L.A. last night. Out of all the stars that came flocking, we think that Kat Graham, Julie Bowen and Zoe Saldana looked the absolute best. That slash of lipstick on Kat, pictured on the left, is something else, especially when paired with that sheer sequined cocktail frock. Julie, in the center, wore an appliqued, one-shouldered Naeem Khan dress, while Zoe look beautiful in an asymmetrical, halter-necked Jason Wu number. If they keep this up, then we’re really going to have ourselves a red carpet extravaganza at the actual awards show. Tell us which dress you like best in the comments section.

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Billy Crystal’s Oscar Promo Makes Us Wish We Were Watching The Princess Bride

“Humperdink! Humperdink! Humperdink!”

Well, that’s not exactly what a mustachioed Josh Duhamel and mostly silent Megan Fox tell Billy Crystal in the new promo for the Academy Awards, but it might as well be. Because seriously, as the reclusive Yeti formerly known as “The Host,” Crystal could not be more like his Princess Bride character Max unless he donned a giant fake nose.

The promo tells us so many things about this year’s Oscars:

  • As host, Crystal isn’t going to try anything too new and daring. The cameo of Robin Williams also backs this up. Not exactly cutting-edge comedy here. Unlike the surreal promos James Franco and Anne Hathaway made last year, which we all know, turned out to be much better than the actual show.
  • They’re kind of still trying to appeal to a younger audience, albeit lamely, by hiring Duhamel and Fox. (Cameos by William Fichtner as a producer type and Vinnie Jones as an all-knowing bartender thankfully don’t appear to be pandering to anyone.)
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    15 Best Looks: The Ladies From The Help Need No Help With Red Carpet Fashion

    This is one very stylish set of women. The Help is up for Best Ensemble at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards next week. It’s airing live from the Hollywood Palladium at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 12, on VH1. We’ve already shown you Jessica Chastain‘s 20 Hottest Looks, but felt we needed to see a lot more of the rest of the star cast. It’s incredible to have so many strong, talented, beautiful women act in one movie, and we can’t wait to see them own the red carpet next week. Three of the leads — Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer — really caught our eye, and we’re wondering what they’re going to pull out of the bag, sartorially. It’s a big night, so we’re expecting some serious fashion. To refresh our memories, and yours, we decided to pull out each of the three ladies’ top five looks from 2011. Octavia favors cocktail dresses, which she heats up with some great accessories like leopard-print shoes and metallic clutches. Viola likes punchy, bright colors and can wear the hell out of a gown. Emma can pull off just about anything, which is why she made it to our list of 30 Best Dressed Stars Of 2011. Want to see for yourself? Click on our gallery below.

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    Jessica Chastain’s 20 Hottest Looks

    2011 could pretty much be called The Year Of Jessica Chastain. The lady was EVERYWHERE last year, with so many great performances that she probably deserves an Oscar category of her own! Her biggest credits this year include award winning roles in The Help (which also earned her a CCMA nom), The Tree Of Life, and The Debt, to name just a few. And who knows what 2012 will bring! But of course, with every stunning movie comes an equally stunning outfit to wear to the premiere, and Jessica has lit the red carpet on fire more than her fair share in the 12 months. So without further ado, we’d like to present Jessica Chastain’s 20 hottest styles. Enjoy!

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    Meryl Streep Looks Appropriately Regal At The Iron Lady Premiere

    Can anyone play character roles better than Meryl Streep? We don’t think so. She’s taking on the role of Margaret Thatcher in the film The Iron Lady which premiered in London yesterday, and we can already hear Oscar chimes. She’s already nominated for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (next Thursday on VH1!), SAGs and Golden Globes. Will this film do what The Queen did for Helen Mirren? We have a strong feeling it will. Meryl looked absolutely lovely at the event. We can’t find fault with the hair and makeup, and we also covet the actress’ skin. Just look it at. It’s completely taut and glowing. And while we love seeing her in gowns, we’re also loving this royal blue and black tailored ensemble on her. She’s wearing a black dress and boots underneath, accessorized with gold jewelry — props for the tribal gold necklace. Bravo!

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    Patton Oswalt On His Critics’ Choice Nom: “It’s Like Gravy On Top Of Gravy”

    Patton Oswalt scored a Critics’ Choice Awards Supporting Actor nomination for his role in Young Adult, and the comedian shared his excitement with us at the film’s premiere last week. “I really appreciate it,” he told us. “This is like gravy on top of gravy that was on top of icing.” The dude’s thrilled and we’re thrilled for him – he’s great in Young Adult and one of our favorite stand ups to ever roam the comedy clubs of planet earth.

    The best part is that the Critics Choice Awards air on VH1 (January 12 at 8PM EST, ya’ll), so we get to hang with Patton again next month. “Is there drinking?” he asked of the show. “I’ll sneak a flask in.” Yes please, new boozy soul mate of ours! We promised the comic that if he found us backstage or on the carpet we’d have a bottle of his favorite scotch waiting for him. We’re hoping he takes us up on the offer; now all we need to do is figure out how much a bottle of Balvenie costs. Anyone?

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    2012 Golden Globe Nominees’ Least Award-Worthy Moments: Mickey Mouse Club To She-Devil

    As soon as the 69th annual Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, industry folks like Variety began noting how many movie stars (as opposed to fancy ahctorrrs, we guess) are nominated: George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling aren’t exactly slouches in the acting department, but they don’t turn their noses down at a good romantic comedy heist film either. On the other hand, the more we think about it, the more we think maybe they should have turned down a few gigs. Well, no regrets, Meryl and Glenn and Leo. You turned out OK. Just forgive us for laughing with you at some of the skeletons in your closet/IMDb page!

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    Golden Globe Noms Add Ryan Gosling, Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara To Awards Season Mix

    That wacky Hollywood Foreign Press Association is at it again. The HFPA announced the nominees for the 69th Golden Globe Awards, and the list has a few surprises, and lots of things we actually like. The fact that the Globes separate drama movies from musicals and comedies always makes for a rather inclusive group of nominees. Previous 2012 awards season frontrunner The Artist tops the nominations here again with six, and The Help and The Descendants are tied in second place with five apiece.

    George Clooney’
    s busy year has garnered him plenty of recognition here: He’s up for best drama actor for The Descendants, and for best director and best screenplay for The Ides of March. Both films are up against each other for best drama (up against The Help, Hugo, Moneyball and War Horse). In the lead drama acting categories, Ryan Gosling (for Ides) and Rooney Mara (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) are the two newcomers. The supporting actor and actress categories also line up with the trends, with the exception of Jonah Hill (Moneyball) and Viggo Mortensen (A Dangerous Method). Seriously, for the others, look back at every other list we’ve published so far.

    Bridesmaids, 50/50, The Artist, Midnight in Paris and My Week With Marilyn make up a very solid musical/comedy category. And we can’t even imagine how to place bets for the musical/comedy actresses: Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) is the only actress on the list not to be an awards season regular. The musical/comedy actors are a more eclectic bunch: Ryan Gosling (for Crazy, Stupid, Love.), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (50/50), Brendan Gleason (The Guard), Jean Dujardin (The Artist) and Owen Wilson (Midnight in Paris). One more anomaly worth mentioning: Madonna, whose W.E. track “Masterpiece” is up for best song.
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