Awards Season 2012


Rumor We Love: Bieber’s Never Say Never Could Totally Get An Oscar Nom

The Hollywood Reporter made Justin Bieber‘s night yesterday. “#NeverSayNever3D in the Oscars?!?!” Bieber tweeted, with a link to the paper’s article about Never Say Never‘s Academy Award chances in 2012. “Never Say Never right? crazy.” Crazy is right—weren’t the 2011 Oscars not even a week ago? But according to THR, there was enough buzz at the Vanity Fair Oscar Afterparty to suggest Bieb could get a crack at the podium next year. “You’d be surprised at the caliber of people who came up to Justin… most of whom had seen the movie and loved it,” says their source. “There was even talk of putting it up for an Oscar next year in the documentary category. People appreciate that it’s not just a kids’ movie.”

People should also appreciate that the Oscars just happened. Sure, everyone’s happy with the kid now, but unless 2011 is a phenomenally craptastic year for documentaries, does anyone really think the film can maintain buzz until the end of the year? Besides, it doesn’t look like Bieber’s got his schmoozing game down. While the NY Daily News was buzzing with excitement after Tom Hanks reportedly told Justin “Don’t become a jaded professional actor” (oh, like Justin could be a professional actor) and “Good luck to you” (as opposed to “watch out, you little s—, I run this town”?), the encounter obviously meant less to the teenybopper. “I don’t remember what he said, he’s just a cool guy.” Will even Justin remember this rumor in a few months?

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And Your 2012 Oscar For Best Actress Goes To … Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher!

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

Yeah yeah yeah, we know that the 2011 Oscars haven’t even happened yet, and here we are talking about next year’s show. But now that we’ve seen the first image of Meryl Streep as former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, we can’t help but thinking that next year’s race is going to be all about Streep.

Did you know that it’s been almost 30 years since Streep last won an Oscar? It’s true! She has been nominated for either Best or Best Supporting Actress twelve times since she won the 1983 Oscar for Best Actress for her work in Sophie’s Choice, but she has yet to pick up another Little Gold Man. Here are three reasons why we feel like next year will be her year:

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