Awards Season 2013

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The 20 Best Backstage Moments From The Golden Globes – Jodie Talkin’ KStew, Anne Showing Eddie Redmayne Her Nails, And More!

The Golden Globes press room is a special place. Packed with reporters in black-tie garb munching on chocolate chip cookies and typing away on iPads, it’s where the winners come immediately after grabbing hold of their statues. On the left side of the room is a photo area, and though it’s blocked off, you can hear the shrieks of laughter and excited, wine-fueled revelry. That’s the vibe of the Globes: It’s a party and everyone, even us dorky journalists, are invited. *Pauses to take bite of cookie*

It’s particularly fun getting to watch the stars have their moment and enjoy it, because they are all generally adorable, awkward and open the whole time. Sometimes it gets straight=up weird, but that’s the whole point of the night, right? Here are the 20 Best Backstage Moments From The Golden Globe — a.k.a. the stuff you didn’t get to see but wish you had —- in no particular order. Because really…how could you pick a fave?

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What Exactly Did Jodie Foster Reveal In Her Epic Golden Globes Speech? We Break It Down

The biggest nail biter  of the night wasn’t waiting to find out who would take home the Golden Globe for Best Actress or Best Picture. No, it was watching Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award, honoring her incredible 47-year acting career. Seriously, her time on stage had us on the edge of our seat as she flirted with dropping some pretty big bomb shells.  Did she just come out officially? Did she just retire from acting? Let us break it down for you.

She first got our attention by teasing us with a big announcement. “I had a sudden urge to say something that I have never really been able to air in public, a declaration that I’m a little nervous about. But I’m just going to put it out there, loud and proud. So, I’m going to need your support on this.” Watching at home, we immediately told everyone around the couch to shut up. We were so certain that she was going to at last officially acknowlege her sexuality and come out as a lesbian in public for the first time. It would have defintely been a landmark moment in GG’s history, but her actual admission was a little different. “I am…single. Yes, I am. I am single.”
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“Stay Away From Michael J. Fox’s Son”: The 17 Best Quotes From Tonight’s Golden Globes

Best Quotes From the 2013 Golden Globes

We feel like we just ate a hearty meal…of celebrity zingers! Much like the food that bares their name, sometimes zingers are all you need to feel satisfied. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler certainly know what we’re talking about, what with all the A-list riffing they served up at tonight’s Golden Globes. Of course, plenty of other celebs got in on the action, too: Sacha Baron Cohen ripped on Russell Crowe, Aziz Ansari cracked wise about Downton Abbey, Jodie Foster, um, went after Honey Boo Boo. Really. Seriously. If you like the sound of that,  you’re going to love our 17 Best Golden Globes quotes (in addition to our 7 Best Zingers from the Golden Globes opener!):

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Anne Hathaway, Sienna Miller, Lucy Liu: Unconventional Choices Make Our 10 Fave Golden Globes Looks

Sienna Miller, Lucy Liu, Anne Hathaway among the 10 best dressed at the Golden Globes

You need no other reminder that the Golden Globe Awards are not just the Oscars and Emmys light than what the fashion-forward stars were wearing to on the red carpet. Sure, there were plenty of pretty ball gowns and shimmery sheaths, but some of our favorites knew that this was the event where they could take risks and go big with crazy prints and unconventional cuts. Sienna Miller, for instance, took a dress that could have come out of your crazy aunt’s mod closet from the ’60s, but the Erdem separates’ fit and her minimal makeup made it work. Anne Hathaway also went for separates, in glittery white Chanel, that showed of her body to perfection while also giving her a relaxed air. We’re kind of amazed that Lucy Liu’s Carolina Herrera did not remind us too much of wallpaper.

There were some more conventional wins tonight too — Claire Danes in a figure flattering red Versace, Julianne Moore in elegant black and white blocking by Tom Ford. And some on-trend looks we loved: Kerry Washington’s sheer with silver details. And overall, we think it was a successful night for most of the stars — whether they opted to take risks or not. Look through our 10 faves and tell us if you agree!

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Katharine McPhee, Amy Poehler, More Show Dangerous Cleavage At The Golden Globes
Zooey Deschanel, Kelly Osbourne Bring Their Nail Game To The Golden Globes Red Carpet

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From Kaley Cuoco To Julianna Margulies, So Many Celebs Went Goth At The Golden Globes

Goth Fashion at the Golden Globes

E!’s Ryan Seacrest kept predicting the Golden Globes red carpet would be a rainbow of color. While we love, love, loved the pops of vibrant color we did see, we were completely surprised by the sea of black, dark lipstick and Gothic details. From Kaley Cuoco‘s purple lip to Giuliana Rancic‘s Victorian gown, celebs took it dark on the red carpet. Seriously, both Julianna Margulies and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are basically high-fashion dominatrices. Dominatri? What we’re trying to say is, middle school us would be all about these Goth looks.

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Jennifer Lawrence Needs To Teach A Workshop: Her Entire Golden Globes Acceptance Speech Here

Jennifer Lawrence delivered one of our favorite acceptance speeches

They should have spiked more of the drinks at the Golden Globes tonight, because a vast majority of the speeches have been way too polite. We liked Adele’s genuine surprise, and Anne Hathaway’s classy shout-out to Sally Field, well enough. But only one acceptance speech so far has really been the kind of silly-but-sweet thanks that makes us tune in: Jennifer Lawrence’s. And to think, this is her third such speech this week — Jen also took home a People’s Choice Award and a Critics’ Choice Award, in addition to this Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy prize. In the press room, we asked our own Kate Spencer to ask in the press room how she prepared her thanks, and Lawrence was a little less eloquent and quotable. Anyway, we loved her speech so much, we’re just going to hand it over to her. Here’s a transcript:

“Oh, what does it say, ‘I beat Meryl‘? Jokes aside I am so honored to be a part of this. David, thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance. There’s a reason why so many actors have thanked you from this stage. You are simply the best. Bradley, you’re incredible, and you made me better every single day. Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today. And the entire cast of this movie, you guys are the heartbeat of this film and it wouldn’t be the same without you guys. Because then there wouldn’t be a cast. And I want to thank my family. Mom, people said you were crazy to believe in me, and you did it anyway. Dad, you taught me to laugh and that has been my salvation through all of this. I want to thank my brothers, Ben and Blaine, I wouldn’t be who I am today without you being mean to me and then really supportive and loving constantly. CAA, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, IDPR, thank you.”

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Tina And Amy Are Just Getting Started: The 7 Best Zingers From Tonight’s Golden Globes Opener

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Rip on Celebs At The Golden Globes

Oh, it’s everything we dreamed and more. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler went full Gervais in the Golden Globes opener, ragging on everyone from James Franco to Quentin Tarantino to, well, Ricky Gervais. While we are bound to hear about 1,000 more excellent jibs before the end of the awards ceremony, here are the seven best zingers from tonight’s Golden Globes opener:

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Katharine McPhee, Amy Poehler, More Show Dangerous Cleavage At The Golden Globes

Katharine McPhee and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes
We love that moment when watching the red carpet of the Golden Globes when you can hear a collective gasp from the on-air commentators, Twitter and your next door neighbors. Tonight’s came when Katharine McPhee stepped up to Ryan Seacrest’s interview stage. Dayyyum! The American Idol alum turned Smash star wore a jaw-dropping black Theory gown and probably a LOT of double stick tape to keep her assets from breaking free from a neckline that dipped toward her navel. And she certainly wasn’t the only one showing off the ladies, despite the frigid temperatures.

Globes co-host Amy Poehler clearly enjoyed the attention her cleavage garnered at the Emmys and gave it a repeat performance on the red carpet, this time with a tuxedo jacket. Claire Danes was sporting an equally hot, but slightly more traditional plunging V, courtesy of Versace. Other ladies, like Sarah Hyland, were less about the plunge, and more about the tight corset effect.

So far, Lena Dunham has the best boob coverage of the night, as she repeated her stylist’s advice on how properly to adjust her figure-flattering gown. “My breasts have a tendency to shove things to the right.” Check out the best globes of the night so far and stay tuned as we add more!

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Zooey Deschanel, Kelly Osbourne Bring Their Nail Game To The Golden Globes Red Carpet

Golden Globes Nails

Like we would expect anything less. Zooey Deschanel started the Golden Globes red carpet off right with an adorable film strip mani. “#GoldenGlobes manicure! Movie camera and film strip. By @redcarpetmen,” the New Girl star gushed on Twitter. Also tweeting the deets about her next level nail game is Kelly Osbourne. “Nice new nails!!!!,” the E! correspondent posted on Twitter. We normally wince at a supersharp nail, but come on. They are golden hearts she’s wearing with a pale green dress. We aren’t made of stone.

Nicole Richie also paired a set of dark gray talons with her ice blue dress, while Julianne Hough topped off her gold-studded gown with a gold-tipped burgundy mani. We’ll be adding more nail looks through the night, so come back and peep the celeb nail game!

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Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence Lead Our First Annual Awards Season Style Points Race

Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried

Awards season got into full swing this week, and we here at VH1 Celebrity were thinking that these talented actors and actresses weren’t competing against each other in enough contests. So we devised a little race of our own based on something we’re calling Style Points. Our panel of fashion experts — our own Sabrina Rojas Weiss and Ambika Muttoo, plus Breanne Heldman, New York bureau chief at Yahoo! Entertainment, and MTV Style associate editor Maud Deitch — will be grading eight key celebs after their major red carpet appearances (on a scale of -5 to +5). Who are these lucky stars? Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Kerry Washington, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper and Eddie Redmayne — basically, the actors we expect to wow us from now through the Oscars. We’ll track their rankings and at the end of all this madness, declare the most stylish star in all the land on February 25! To kick this all off, we decided to grade two outfits from each contestant.

Anne Hathaway at the National Board of Review Gala and the Critics Choice Movie Awards

Anne Hathaway

National Board of Review Gala
Maud: +1
Ambika: +4
Breanne: +2
Sabrina: +2
Average: 2.5

“Major points for the lady-suit, but big big deductions for the early 2000’s emo hair,” Maud says, but Ambika disagrees. “This androgynous, yet romantic Saint Laurent Spring 2013 tuxedo fits her like a dream and really complements her edgy short hair.” Sabrina hearts the ruffled cuffs.

Critics Choice Movie Awards
Maud: +4
Ambika: +5
Breanne: +4
Sabrina: +4
Average: 4
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