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Cameron Diaz’s Top 20 Leggiest Looks

Cameron Diaz has been an A-Lister ever since she survived co-starring with Jim Carrey in The Mask. Honestly, we can’t think of a harder way to earn your showbiz stripes. But from there she blossomed, starring in comedy classics like There’s Something About Mary, and rocking not one but two dynamite franchises: Charlie’s Angles and Shrek. And of course, there was her unforgettable turn as the ditzy Kimberly Wallace in My Best Friend’s Wedding (our fave). The Oscar peeps must have been asleep at the wheel that year.

What’s the secret to her success? Strong acting skills, gorgeous facial features, and a hot wardrobe? Sure. But perhaps most importantly, she has legs that go all the way up to the Arctic Circle. Just peep the posters for the upcoming Bad Teacher, which opens wide today! In honor of our favorite leggy blonde’s return to the big screen, we take a look back at her shortest skirts and highest hemlines. Enjoy!

20. Blonde Ambition
19. Beauty In A Blazer
18. License To Frill
17. White ‘n’ Wonderful
16. Fantastic Femme Fatale
15. Black Swan
14. Belting It Out!
13. Hot For Teacher
12. Curtain Cutie
11. Jungle Jamin’
10. Spot The Hottie
9. Miniskirt Madness
8. Tinsel-Town Toga
7. Steamy Short Shorts
6. Orange You Glad It’s Cameron Diaz?
5. Velveteen Dream
4. Sparkle Studded Stunner
3. Beaded Bombshell
2. Bikini Babe
1. Preppie Teen Queen

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Cameron Diaz Removes Jon Stewart’s Stitches On The Daily Show And Yes, It Is Gross

We always watch The Daily Show while getting ready for work, before we’ve eaten breakfast. It’s a good thing our stomach was empty this morning, because Cameron Diaz showed up to promote Bad Teacher by removing stitches from Jon Stewart‘s wrist. Seriously. She did this. And there were close-up shots. Yes, the movie’s called Bad Teacher and not Bad Doctor. We don’t get the bit either. Watching a hot actress tug at a bloody scab at 7 in the morning is not the best way to start your day, regardless of her stunning dress and glorious arm muscles that bulged as she picked at Stewart’s wound. Watch and cringe, friends.


Cameron Diaz Brings Her Legs To The NY Bad Teacher Premiere

Cameron Diaz didn’t have A-Rod on her arm at last night’s Bad Teacher premiere, but that hunk would have just been in the way, considering how much time she spent posing with co-star/ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and showing off her impressive gams on the red carpet. Joining Diaz and Timberlake were cast members Jason Segel, Thomas Lennon (who should never make that chipmunk face again) and Lucy Punch, as well as an impressive mix of well-wishers—everyone from “Weird” Al Yankovic to Kirstie Alley to Ben Kingsley! See photos from the scene in the gallery below.

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Cameron Diaz Brings Bad Teacher, Legs To Spain: Pass Or Fail?

Cameron Diaz showed off an ostenisbly sexy scholar look in Madrid while promoting Bad Teacher earlier today, combining a pink tweed blazer with high heels and what appears to be a white pantless jumpsuit. While we find no fault in Cameron showing off her legs like this, the blazer feels a bit much. Are you giving her a passing grade or does qualify as a fashion fail?

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Summer Movie Guide: Boob Tube Stars On The Silver Screen

As temperatures rise and blockbusters flood the movie theaters, prepare to swim in celebs who became household names via the boob tube. While some have since established themselves as movie stars, we grew to love them on a weekly basis from our couches.

A brunette version of Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively will play leading lady opposite Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern. Mad Men‘s January Jones will trade her 60s housewife getup for a shimmery push-up bra for her role as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. Ever the uptight but lovable nerd, The Office‘s Ed Helms will reprise his role in The Wolfpack in The Hangover: Part II. This summer’s token fluffy comedy Monte Carlo features plenty of TV’s hottest stars such as Glee‘s Cory Monteith, GG‘s Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy, and Wizards of Waverly Place‘s Selena Gomez.

Before the heat and humidity makes us all flee to the movie theaters for relief, check out what TV stars to keep an eye out for in this summer’s biggest flicks.

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The Five Funniest Females Of The Summer

With summer just around the corner, so many articles are trying to convince us to get in shape and show off our beach bodies. Why go through all that torture? Treat yourself right and go to a movie instead! You can’t get sunburned in a theater and Milk Duds are an excellent source of Vitamin…something. Not enough proof for ya? Fine. You know how they say that laughter is the best medicine? Well these five ladies are gonna give you a double dose of  pure hilarity on the big screen this summer. So really you owe it to yourself to check ‘em out. Which one is going to give you the biggest chuckle for your movie dollar? Well let’s take a look and see!

Funny Femme: Mila Kunis
Movie: Friends With Benefits
Opening: July 22nd
Mila Kunis needs no introduction to comedy connoisseurs. She probably has the most impressive resume of anyone on this list; staring not only as Jackie in That 70s Show, but also as the voice of Meg Griffin in the legendary Family Guy. She brought her comedy chops to the big screen in 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and just recently blew all of our minds with her stint in Black Swan. The performance may not have earned her an Oscar, but maybe we can make up for it by giving her the coveted “Funniest Female Of The Summer 2011″ award for Friends With Benefits!

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Working With Your Ex Is Always Awkward


Look at them squirm! Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are hard at work on their new movie Bad Teacher, and we can only imagine the awkward conversations going down between the pair.

“Remember how we used to date and everyone thought we were going to get married?”

“Yeah, I do. That was a weird four years, huh?”

“Super weird. Almost as weird as shooting a romantic comedy together now.”



“Did you just fart?”

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