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Will Kristen Stewart Wear Her Favorite Balenciaga To The Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premiere Tonight?

Will Kristen Stewart Wear Balenciaga To Breaking Dawn Premiere

The countdown to the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere has begun! It’s this evening and we’re super excited, for more reasons than one. Obviously, we want to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on a red carpet together, but we’re also dying to see what Kristen will wear tonight. Considering she endorses Balenciaga’s “Florabotanica” fragrance, wearing the brand would be a no-brainer. Admittedly a favorite of hers, Kristen most recently wore an architectural monochromatic Balenciaga jumpsuit to the On The Road AFI Fest premiere just a week ago. Her primrose yellow quilted biker jacket and printed pants took over Paris Fashion Week back in September, and another pair of print trousers — see the trend here? — made the same sort of splash at the On The Road photo call at Cannes in May. Kristen’s worn the brand as far back as 2008, like when New Moon premiered in Madrid. So will she, or won’t she? Considering Balenciaga’s head designer Nicholas Ghesquiere, who’s also one of the reasons why Kristen loves the brand so much, is leaving the company, perhaps she’ll wear one of his designs as an homage? Check out a retrospective of her top Balenciaga looks worn over the years in the gallery below. You never know, we may just see another memorable design join that list tonight. Stay tuned for all our coverage of the big premiere!

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Kristen Stewart Is Super Awkward, Yet Adorbs During Florabotanica Live Chat

So this whole endorsement bidness — it ain’t easy. Because endorsing requires you to get off your butt, dress up and play spokesperson and spout off all this stuff fed to you, when all you want to do is get another hour in bed. Where is this coming from? We get a sense that Kristen Stewart felt all of the above and then some when she had to participate in the live chat with fans for Florabotanica, the Balenciaga perfume she is now the face of. Before we get into it, can we just say that it’s kind of cool that they’re sitting in a room that has the same motif as the campaign, as if they were sitting in the bottle itself. The “they” here is Kristen, and her very French interviewer. Nothing can inspire more awkwardness than sitting across from a French person. And while Kristen looks super sexy and well put together — brava! to whoever did her makeup — we want to hug her from the first minute of the video and yell, “You can do this!” And you can tell how earnest she is about the whole. But with all the earnestness, it gets pretty awkward, because of Kristen and her long-winded answers, stops and pauses. It’s hilarious and we lover her for it! “How do I convince my parents to get me the perfume,” asks one fan. “I don’t know, be good, I guess?” Kristen stutters. BEST. INTERVIEW. EVER.  We also love the part where she says, “Luckily … I like the smell of the fragrance so I don’t have to lie about that.” You tell it like it is, gurl!

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Kristen Stewart Takes Over Paris Fashion Week

Kristen Stewart In Paris For Balmain, Balenciaga Shows

Are happy days back for Kristen Stewart? The actress arrived at Paris Fashion Week earlier today to catch both the Balmain and Balenciaga shows. Kristen is the face of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica perfume, remember. We didn’t expect any less from her, but, damn, did she look fierce. Not many people would think about putting this outfit on, because and let’s face it, it’s kind of nuts, but she worked it. Let’s see what we have here: a yellow quilted leather bomber jacket, crazy printed black-and-white pants, a blank tanks, ankle booties and gorgeous wavy hair tumbling down. The brands she’s wearing haven’t been released as yet, but we have a feeling she’s got Balenciaga on, as she does often for events. Perhaps that big pop of yellow is Freudian. Maybe it stands for the hope that she’s feeling — and all of us are feeling right with her — about the fact that she’s (reportedly) back together with Robert Pattinson. Apparently, they’ve moved back together into a new home in L.A. So she does have reason to smile, and what a smile it is, right? Even the notoriously snooty French were beside themselves!

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Kristen Stewart Is The Face Of Balenciaga’s New Fragrance “Florabotanica”

Kristen Stewart Face Of Balenciaga Fragrance

Ashley Greene‘s DKNY campaign doesn’t make her the only Twilight cast member to have a major endorsement under her belt. Kristen Stewart may just have one-upped her in the brand stakes — fans of DKNY though we are. La Stewart has been officially revealed as the face of the new Balenciaga fragrance, Florabotanica, due to be out in September. We first heard about this back in January, but this is the first time we’re getting any concrete details. Kristen’s relationship with Balenciaga, and with its head designer, the fabulous Nicholas Ghesquière, has been solid over the years. She’s worn his designs numerous times on red carpets all across the globe. That’s them posing together in the photograph on the left. “On a base level, the reason you want to wear a fragrance is because you want to smell attractive. That in itself is a pretty mature idea, especially considering the teenager I was. I was never the one wearing my mom’s perfume and trying to be sexy. I was like hanging out with my brothers and doing the opposite of that, ” explains the actress to WWD, adding, “I’m very lucky that I like the fragrance, because I would have done anything with [Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière], and I’m a terrible liar.”

Of the fragrance itself, Kristen says, “There is something natural about it. It’s very alive. I think that as a young person wearing it— considering that I’ve never worn a scent — it kind of puts you on this level of, like, ‘Whoa, check me out.’ ” Ghesquiere has also chimed in with his thoughts on the perfume, and praises Kristen at the same time with, “It’s more narrative, kind of a fantasy. So when I thought about the fragrance and the character that would visit that garden, I thought Kristen could be the perfect beauty and the perfect personality to represent that.” Of course she is! We can’t wait to see the new campaign, which has been shot by Steven Meisel.

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Kristen Stewart Rocks Fierce Dress, Fabulous Hair At Met Gala

We’re not going to lie to you guys – we were glued to Vogue‘s livestream of the Met Gala, waiting with excitement for Kristen Stewart‘s arrival. And as usual, the actress did not disappoint. We’ve watched Kristen grow into a fashion icon over the past few years, and tonight’s bold Balenciaga proved just how far she’s come. She’s the face of the fashion house’s new fragrance, and tonight she accompanied their creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, to the event. Her dress and shoes are  from their fall 2012 collection and we think they both suit her red carpet style perfectly – edgy and show-stopping but still young, fresh and most importantly, her. And the hair – oh, can we please talk about her hair for a second? Tousled to perfection, effortless, and completely sexy. Well played, Ms. Stewart! Well played.

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Kristen Stewart Shares “Radical Spirit” (And Smell) Of Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart and Balenciaga go way back — she wore that red-and-white one-shoulder number on the left at the world premiere of Twilight back in 2008, and the black-and-brown one is from the New Moon premiere in Madrid. “Even when I first began to consider fashion and admittedly rarely knew the brand I was wearing, I always recognized and loved Balenciaga,” she told WWD today, when it was announced that she’d be the face of the fashion house’s new fragrance for women. And the way she described Balenciaga sounds a lot like the way we feel about her: “The brand is just cool. That’s the way it is. I feel drawn to it. It provokes on a number of levels. It isn’t afraid or contrived. It hits a very cool balance, always. Always pretty undeniable.”

What we find kind of amusing about Balenciaga’s side of the deal is how they seem to be distancing themselves from anything Twilight: “From her early appearance in Panic Room to her independent choice of Welcome to the Rileys, I’ve always sensed her progressive character,” Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquière told the trade paper. “In 2006, I invited her to appear in a project shot by Bruce Weber. Since then, I’ve always wished to collaborate with her further, knowing that she shares the radical spirit of Balenciaga.”
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