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Batter Up: 50 Celebrities Throwing Out The First Pitch At Baseball Games

Batter Up: 50 Celebrities Throwing Out The First Pitch

Tonight, the best players in Major League Baseball will face off against one another in the league’s annual All-Star Game. While there will likely be plenty of fastballs and homeruns on display during the Midsummer Classic, we here at VH1 Celebrity had an idea that might help improve the chances that a non-sports fan would tune-in to the game. What if the commissioner introduced a new idea wherein celebrities would throw out the first pitch of every inning, not just a single one before the game started? (We know, we know, it’s a genius idea.)

While that idea (probably?) won’t be implemented this year, here’s hoping that Bud Selig sees this post and makes this change in time for next year’s affair. In the meantime, please check out this hilarious gallery of celebrities —including the likes of Mariah Carey, Barack Obama, Bill Murray, Charlie Sheen and current holder Worst First Pitch Ever™ title holder Carly Rae Jepsen — winding up and attempting to throw a baseball 60 feet and 6 inches.

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Keep Your Eyes On The Balls: The 15 Hottest MLB Players


The MLB All-Star Game is tomorrow night, Tuesday July 16, at 8 PM EST, and the teams are already assembled and ready to play at Citi Field. We’re all very excited, but if we were in charge of putting the roster together, we probably wouldn’t pick the teams based on athletic ability, but raw sex appeal.

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Family Members Confirm Kate Upton And Justin Verlander Are Dating, Here Are 30 Reasons Why It Rules To Be Justin Verlander

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are officially dating

Last night Detroit Tiger’s pitcher Justin Verlander threw a complete game shutout, leading his team into the American League Championship Series. And that’s not even the best news. After much rumor and speculation, the champion baseballer’s family has confirmed that he is also dating bikini goddess Kate Upton! Let’s just pause and reflect on the fact that this guy is living out every 13 year-old’s fantasy. Thank you.

Celebuzz spoke to Justin’s grandfather, who confirmed the rumor as any proud pop-pop would. “I heard he has been on dates with a Sports Illustrated girl. I saw a photo, she’s beautiful,” he said, in a voice we imagine sounding like the grandfather from Rugrats. “They make a good looking pair because he’s a good looking man too.” Because he takes after my side of the family, we added in his mind. “I do know he’s on the dating scene. Justin is a fine boy and whoever he ends up with is lucky. He’s not only a great baseball player, he’s a great guy.” Gawwww, grandpa.

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Billy Bob Thornton Defends Former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona

We know baseball isn’t normally covered here at TheFABlife, but Billy Bob Thornton‘s passionate declaration of support for former Red Sox manager Terry “Tito”Francona was too good not to post. The actor is a huge baseball geek and St. Louis Cardinals fan (OMG, last night’s game!), and when we caught up with him at the Puss in Boots premiere he defended the fallen manager from critics who blame him for the Red Sox’s demise this season. “I think he’s a great manager,” the actor told us. “I think he got a raw deal in the press.”

For those of you not caught up with your sports drama: Francona is a fan favorite who led the team to two World Series wins in the last decade. But his record was tarnished by this season’s colossal collapse, in which the Sox blew a 9-game lead in September and failed to make the playoffs. Rumors of beer-drinking in the dugout during games and general slacking off by players only further infuriated fans, and Terry left his post (or was pushed out by team management) a couple days after the season ended. Since Tito’s departure everything from his marital issues to alleged prescription drug habits have been mentioned as a reason for the team’s failings. But Billy Bob has come to the manager’s defense! See what the Oscar-winning actor has to say about Francona in our interview above.


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We Want A Pitcher, Not A Belly Itcher!


While most of us would agree that it’s a stretch to still describe baseball as being Our National Pastime™, there’s little sense denying that every playoff baseball game played during the month of October is laden with the kind of dramatic tension that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention. This post, however, is not really about celebrating the magic and mystery of America’s most revered professional sport. Rather, it’s about the celebrities who trot themselves out to the pitcher’s mound before games to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

First, the facts: Every single Major League Baseball team plays 81 home games during the course of the season. This means that the poor public relations department of each team has to come up with 81 different ways to get the crowd excited before a game. In some of baseball’s larger markets, teams draw upon their access to a range of different celebrities, a list that runs the gamut from Hollywood’s A-List to downtrodden reality television flameouts, to get their fans excited over a long and often monotonous season. So we here at TheFABLife thought you would get a kick out of seeing celebs of all magnitudes — most of whom are not exactly known for their athletic abilities — attempting to throw a baseball sixty feet and six inches. So, if you pardon the expression, who throws like a girl and who throws like someone who could be called up to The Show? Now’s the time to find out. Play ball!

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Kate Snags Madonna’s Sloppy Seconds


The seriously-single Kate Hudson has left Owen Wilson behind for the beefy arms of Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. She’s already cheering her man on in the stands of Yankee Stadium and then dutifully making out with him in public after games. Apparently, the couple hit up the Mustang Grill after a game and the bartender “was asking patrons not to go in the back room around 1 a.m. because A-Rod and Kate Hudson were back there making out.” Home Run!

But in a matter of days Kate has supposedly turned into a super-needy fangirl. You know, kinda like how A-Rod was with Madonna. The actress is “following” the star player around on the road, and stayed with him in Dallas where he was busy playing his former team, the Texas Rangers.

Thankfully, Kate’s clinginess is a relief to Madonna, who was happy to get rid of her romantic baller. “Madonna is actually relieved that A-Rod seems so happy with Kate,” said a source, and adds, “Madonna is actually proud that she’s raised the bar for him, so he can date a better caliber of women.” [Photos: GettyImages]

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Dodgers Star Manny Ramirez Busted For Using Drugs, Suspended For 50 Games


Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games after he tested positive for using performance-enhancing drugs. The left-fielder will apparently sit out tonight’s game against the Nationals, and won’t be back on the field until July 3rd.

Major League Baseball began testing players in 2003, and Ramirez – a notorious star known as much for his obnoxious on and off-field antics as he is for his home runs – is by far the most famous player to be busted under the new rules. According to the L.A. Times,  Ramirez will lose $7.7 million, as “players in violation of baseball’s drug policy are not paid during suspensions.”

According to an anonymous source, Manny is supposedly going to blame the results on medicine received from a doctor for a “personal medical issue.” Red Sox nation – Manny’s home up until last summer – must be breathing a big sigh of relief today that their team got rid of the scandalous star. Still, as they say up in Beantown, isn’t this just Manny being Manny?  [Photo: GettyImages]

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A-Roid Is In Good Company

Alex Rodriguez is at the heart of yet another scandal, but this time it’s not about his penis! Not to worry – bulging muscles are involved. The Yankees slugger admitted earlier this week that he took steroids while playing for the Texas Rangers, from 2001-2003. “I was young,” he said. “I was stupid. I was naive.”

A-Rod’s drug use has yet to cause him any sort of real scorn, unlike Michael Phelps, whose being treated like an ax murderer after he was recently caught suckin’ on a bong. He’s even trying to deflect attention from himself onto the Sports Illustrated reporter who broke the story, claiming she stalked him. Right. But whether or not he keeps his lucrative sponsorships and makes it into the hall of fame is nothing if the fans hate you, and it seems that the self-absorbed star has already lost that battle.

At least A-Rod has an army of fellow roid-heads to cushion his fall from grace. We’ve got Hollywood’s favorite juice junkies and muscle-heads lined up below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy – and then just say no!

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