Alex Pettyfer Leaves Beastly Premiere Early To Check On House Fire

Alex Pettyfer‘s big year is looking bittersweet. Hype for his first potential teen action franchise this month, I Am Number Four, was hindered by scary rumors about Pettyfer and co-star/girlfriend Dianna Agron‘s split, and buzz about Pettyfer being a total diva. Last night’s premiere for the Twi-wannabe Beastly should have been a chance to have some fun, only he had to leave early because his garage was on fire. You read that right.

The fire at Pettyfer’s home was reported yesterday evening, though Pettyfer told people at the event that his lateness was caused by traffic. “There was an electrical fire in the garage while no one was home,” Agron’s rep told ET—an ironic task if the rumors that the Glee star is “terrified” of Pettyfer are true. Is this guy suffering from bad luck, bad karma or both?

See photos of Pettyfer and stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone and Kylie & Kendall Jenner in the red carpet gallery below.

[Photo: Getty Images/CBS]

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