by (@hallekiefer)

Lil Wayne’s Getting Sued Over “BedRock”

Yabba dabba doesn’t Weezy get a few months off without someone coming at him with a lawsuit. Looks like it’s Lil Wayne’s “BedRock” that is currently getting the rapper sued for copyright infringement. Sadly, the plaintiffs are not the concerned citizens of Fred Flintstone’s hometown, but instead Georgia production company Done Deal Enterprises. They’re accusing Weezy of stealing their song, also entitled “BedRock,” and violating their copyright by using elements of it in his version. As part of their suit, Done Deal is seeking $15 million, plus any and all baby wooly mammoths Wayne¬† might be using as a vacuum cleaner.

This isn’t the first time Weezy has had legal troubles; Lil Wayne’s unpaid taxes and hit song “Lollipop” have been the focus of two previous lawsuits against the rapper, in the past two years alone. Lil Wayne must appear in court October 12 to respond to the suit, but considering the man can afford the world’s finest pelicans to be his washing machine, we doubt it’ll be his last time Weezy will be standing before a judge.