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by (@t_akino)

12 Celebrities Who Still Look Like Their Child Selves

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Elijah Wood turns 34 on Jan. 28, but we wouldn’t blame you if you don’t believe that—he still has the same innocent face he had when he watched Macaulay Culkin fall of a cliff in The Good Son (1993). How? Maybe it’s good genes, or maybe it’s just Hollywood.
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You’ve Come A Long Way: Flash Back To The Early Roles Of James Franco, Mila Kunis + More

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Alright gang, it’s time to hop into your time machines and  blast to the past. Our love for huge stars like James Franco, Mila Kunis and Leonardo DiCaprio have grown and grown over the years – and it’s no secret why. They have got a healthy dose of talent, and then some. But these guys weren’t always seasoned vets in the game of movie fame. They were young, nervous, hungry go-getters like the rest of us, just trying to leave a print in the world. And fortunately for them, they ended up leaving pretty big prints and continue to do so. Read more…