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Jennifer Lopez Remembers How “Hard” The Press Was On Bennifer. Let Us Gently Remind You Why.

It horrifies us to think that some of you kids might only know Ben Affleck as a legitimate film director, not as the male half of a celebrity mega-couple. Are we so old and Hollywood so ever-changing? That’s the first thought that popped in our heads when we read Jennifer Lopez‘s exceedingly kind words about Affleck…and their experience as a celebrity couple. “[Argo] was a great movie,” Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres today. “And, we got you know, a lot of like … They were really hard on us in the press when we dated back in the day. On movies and things like that. So it was a nice moment. It was nice to see him have that moment. I was really happy for him.” That is true. There is no arguing that Bennifer was tabloid fodder for years, but maybe it wasn’t entirely the medias fault. So much of Bennifer was such perfect celeb gossip:

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