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by (@hallekiefer)

Tom Cruise’s Lawyer Snarks That Katie Will “Play The Media” And “Wear Everyone Out.” He Wishes!

Tom Cruise's Lawyer Says Katie Holmes Is "Playing The Media"

Tom Cruise‘s lawyer might have a theory about where all the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce rumors are coming from, but if he thinks any of us are going to get tired of TomKat’s break-up anytime soon…oh boy, he is sorely mistaken. “Tactically we can’t say where Tom will file a divorce case and if he’ll be seeking joint custody of Suri,” Cruise’s litigator Bert Fields told the BBC. “We are letting ‘the other side’ (Katie and her team) play the media until they wear everyone out and then we’ll have something to say.” Wear everyone out? With details about two A-listers getting a surprise divorce? Has this guy ever been on the Internet?

Some, like The Hollywood Reporter, postulate that Cruise’s next move might be to file for divorce in California in an attempt to up his chances of getting joint custody of Suri. Meanwhile, Katie Holmes spent some time today visiting her divorce lawyer in New York. Man, just typing those sentences made us exhausted. Haha, just kidding! We could type TomKat gossip all night long. It’s what 5-Hour Energy shots were invented for! “It’s not Tom’s style to do this publicly,” Fields added…publicly. “He is really sad about what’s happening.” Well, so are we. We just…aw, well now we feel bad. Not so bad we won’t be providing you up-to-the-second divorce news, but you know what we mean. We still love these kids, after all.

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