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Happy New Year! Here Are Our 2013 New Year’s Resolutions For Beyonce, Taylor Swift And More Of Our Favorite Celebs

On January 1st we can start a clean slate and draft our ever crucial new year’s resolutions. Whether or not we actually achieve those goals is another matter (we’ve yet to do 2012’s spring cleaning). Nevertheless, it’s always a fun challenge to set them for ourselves…and also for our friends in Hollywood. Just like us, our celebs could use a little goal setting for 2013. Just like your mother says, we do it because we love you. Here’s our resolutions to the stars, and -most importantly- Happy New Year!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling – We know one of Hollywood’s hottest couples is costarring in The Place Beyond the Pines in 2013 together. However, after watching the two show their comedy chops in the latest Drunk History clips, we cannot wait to see more of these two collaborate. We know the duo has some off screen chemistry, and the silver screen may not even be able to handle the hotness between them. We have a proposition for these two for 2013: more projects together, please!

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Nude Pics, Sex Tapes And More: 25 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Leaks Of 2012

Soulja Boy Prince Harry Olivia Munn

These days, you don’t know you’ve made it until someone’s shopping around a nude photo or sex tape of you — whether or not you actually made one. In 2012, we were surprised to see the sheer variety of famous people whose intimate moments and communiques were leaked, or threatened to be. Olympians, actors, princes and pop stars were all subject to exposure, much to our simultaneous horror and delight. We hope this doesn’t humiliate them anew, but we decided to recap them all here, in their many flavors:

The Leaks We Saw (and Sometimes Wish We Could Unsee):

Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape: The weird lighting, the full sushi belly, the ringtone from his daughter’s single — so much about Hulk’s tape with Heather Clem is humiliating in its own right. But when you add the fact that it was allegedly taped by Clem’s husband, Hulk’s pal Bubba the Love Sponge, it reaches new levels of ick. No wonder Hogan originally said he didn’t remember any of this going down. We’d like to forget it too.

Prince Harry’s Strip Billiards: Here is someone we actually wouldn’t mind seeing full-monty. Except it’s kind of unfair that he was snapped while obviously drunk and unawares in the middle of a game of strip billiards in Vegas. The photo was unsatisfyingly blurry, and we felt really bad about the reaming out his grandma probably gave him.

Miley Cyrus in a Bathtub: This tastefully done nude was apparently shot by a professional photog friend of Miley’s a couple of years ago and intended for fiance Liam Hemsworth’s eyes only. That makes the gift a little less special, so it makes us a little sad.

Gymnast Danell Levya’s Sexxxy Bathroom Pics: A disgruntled ex paramour shared a handful of photos with Deadspin at the height of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team’s fame. If the whole sports thing doesn’t work out, it looks like someone has a future in underwear modeling! Read more…

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Diamonds, Bikinis And Butt-Grabs: 50 Reasons Why Rihanna Unapologetically Dominated 2012

50 Ways Rihanna Dominated 2012

After her pantsless 2011, we thought that things couldn’t get any better for Rihanna. Damn, were we wrong! The singer made 2012 her best year ever with new songs, new albums, new hair, new drama, but the same DGAF attitude that we’ve come to know and love. So to recap her mindblowing last 12 months, we’ve assembled the 50 reasons why Riri dominated 2012. It’s a lot more than her being pantsless, that’s for sure! Well, OK, we do have some pics of her without pants…

50. Unapologetic earned Rihanna her first Billboard Number One album! And that’s not all: The landmark music mag also named her the top artist of the last 20 years. Take that, Gaga. All hail Riri!

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A Totally Objective Guide To The Best Shipped Relationships Of 2012

After watching Spider-Man: The Animated Series in 1997, we decided Venom and Mary Jane Watson were actually a better couple than Mary Jane and Spider-Man, and we haven’t looked back since. In case you’re new to the Internet, pretty much every TV show, movie or otherwise fictional couple has a huge fan base swooning over their relationship. It might be a well-established couple or the characters might have met once to sign for a UPS package, it doesn’t matter. Someone is obsessed with them declaring their eternal love. This is a phenomenon known as shipping, and it is 75% of the reason anyone even knows about Twilight.

Maybe we just spent too much time on Tumblr over the last twelve months (we really, really did!), but 2012 seemed like a year where shipping was front and center. From New Girl to Sherlock, everywhere we looked shippers were building onto the fictional universes they loved, mostly with smooching. So we decided to pay homage to the most passionately shipped relationships of this year as part of our Best of 2012. Don’t see your favorite couple? We probably just didn’t know about them yet, so inform us in the comments! 2013 is almost upon us and we want to feel that Venom/Mary Jane feeling again!

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Jennifer Lawrence Was On Fire In So Many Ways: Our #2 Celeb Who Dominated 2012

Jennifer Lawrence is No. 2 on our celebs who dominated 2012 list

On our list of 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012, we’ve had stars who earned heaps of critical praise for their work; who garnered awards nods left and right; who found massive followings of fans; and who graced the covers of our favorite magazines in fashions high and low — but very few have done all of the above the way Jennifer Lawrence did. She started off the year as the star of  a highly anticipated franchise aimed at teen girls, The Hunger Games, and she’s finishing as an awards-show favorite for her very grown-up role in Silver Linings Playbook. Along the way, she’s charmed us with her self-deprecating interviews the way Katniss never quite could for Caesar Flickerman.

Dominating Moment: As the Girl Who Was on Fire, Lawrence drew a whole lot more than teen girls to the theaters to watch her battle other kids to the death in The Hunger Games. The movie had the biggest ever opening weekend for March, and went on to rank as the third biggest movie of the year, behind behemoths The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. She also managed to follow that up with a little horror flick, House at the End of the Street, and a heartbreakingly funny role as the widow helping Bradley Cooper get his life back on track through ballroom dancing in Silver Linings Playbook, earning herself a Golden Globe nod. Read more…

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10 Things We’d Like To Leave Behind In 2012

Oh, 2013! You cannot come soon enough! We had a lot of great moments this year, but between the Elmo sex scandal, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett‘s divorce and Amanda Bynes‘ still mystifying meltdown, we are ready for a fresh start. We might have spent the week celebrating the Best of 2012, but now we’re ready to say goodbye to all that by bidding goodbye to 10 Things We’d Like To Leave Behind In 2012.

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10 Things that Should Have Sucked In 2012…But Somehow Didn’t

10 Things That Should Have Sucked In 2012 But Didn't

There are things we loved about 2012, there are things we hated about 2012 and there are things we were ready to hate about 2012, but later came to realize were actually awesome. There’s nothing like being pleasantly surprised by something in pop culture, so we thought we’d give credit where credit is due. Here is our Best of 2012 ..that we were totally prepared to be the worst.

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Kristen Stewart Made Major Movie Magic And Survived A Scandal, Making Her #3 On Our 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012

Kristen Stewart‘s an established industry stalwart, and she spent 2012 riding the high of two blockbuster films (Snow White and the Huntsman and Breaking Dawn – Part 2) and a well-received indie (On the Road). But nothing quite says domination like true redemption, and perhaps the most amazing thing she did in 2012 was survive a “sex scandal” — a.k.a. the entertainment media’s favorite past time. Yes, she was caught cheating on her long-term boyfriend with her older, married director, a low point for sure. But it was how she handled the aftermath — with a very raw apology, wise career choices (adios, Cali) and a brave face at promotional events — in addition to her stellar career, interview red carpet moments, that earned her a spot on our list. It’s one thing to make movies that sell. But it’s another thing to rise above personal drama to be born again as a bigger person … and bigger star.

Dominating Moment: Celebrating and promoting On the Road at Cannes, a professional high point for anyone in the movie biz. It didn’t hurt that she also showed up to boyfriend Robert Pattinson‘s Cosmopolis premiere in Cannes showing off her tightest red carpet game ever.
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We Redneckognize Honey Boo Boo’s Greatness, Make Her #4 On Our 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012

Honey Boo Boo Is #4 On Our 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012

How can a show Adam Levine once called “the decline of Western Civilization” end up being one of the highest-rated cable shows this fall? Well, how many other shows feature an adorable kid, non-stop farting, extreme couponing and a pet chicken named Nugget? As far as we know, just Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. At this rate it would have been criminal not to make Honey Boo Boo star Alana Thompson and her family into a reality show. At least that’s what TV viewers 18-to-49 seem to think. Love them or love to hate them, you can’t possibly be surprised that Honey Boo Boo is number four on our 12 Celebs That Dominated 2012 list.

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Channing Tatum Made Us Laugh, Cry And Lust After Him, So He’s The #5 Celeb Who Dominated In 2012

Who would have thought that a funny name, an inauspicious start in an all-dance movie and a sordid stripper past would eventually be the perfect equation for a leading man. His star has been rising for a while but this was truly the year the world fell head over heels in love with Channing Tatum. Maybe because he turned his dance talents into a weirdly serious film about stripping called Magic Mike, maybe because he healed our amnesia in The Vow, maybe it’s because we can’t stop laughing at his scientific equations from 21 Jump Street, maybe it’s even because we saw him romance his real-life wife again in 10 years. Or maybe we just like that mug of his.

Dominating Moment: That would be the release and subsequent American obsession with Steven Soderbergh’Magic Mike, because even when they were wearing clothing, it was actually good!

Dominating on Twitter: Chan has just over 3 million followers. He also has an Instagram account under the name … ready? channingtatumunwrapped.

Best Appearances: Probably on the cover of People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover? Or GQ’s Man of the Year?  Maybe it was the Magic Mike trailer that showed his butt? Or, also, his stripping act on SNL?

What We Expect From Him in 2013: More gratuitous butt shots, please. Oh, yeah, also, his baby with wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, plus the release of G.I. Joe: RetaliationSide EffectsWhite House Down. After he finishes work on a couple more (dozen) movies, he says he’ll be taking a little break. Maybe we’ll let him.

The 12 Celebs Who Dominated In 2012:
12. Ryan Lochte
11. Rebel Wilson
10. Frank Ocean
9. Damian Lewis
8. Lena Dunham
7. Blue Ivy Carter
6. Matthew McConaughey
5. Channing Tatum
4. Honey Boo Boo

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