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The Top 10 Worst Dressed Celebs At The 2013 BET Awards


The stars hit the red carpet last night for the BET Awards and let’s just say that some of them didn’t dress to impress. Whether they were wearing garish and outlandish outfits or ugly and ill-fitting dresses, these 10 celebrities weren’t showing anyone up when they showed up last night.

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Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Look Too Shabby In A Pink Wig In His Spoof Of Nicki Minaj

Samuel L. Jackson is notorious for his forcefully loud voice, not to mention the expletives he drops whenever the bleep he feels like it. Since he’s hosting this year’s BET Awards on July 1 we’re wondering which version of Jackson will be in full force. Will it be Long Kiss Goodnight Jackson, Losing Isiah Jackson or Pulp Fiction Jackson? Perhaps it will be a combination, but after watching his promo spoof of Nicki Minaj we’re hoping he’s going to be, well, himself. No toned down PC Jackson, please. Read more…

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Exclusive: Todd Bridges Puts Gary Coleman’s Ex-Wife On Blast

While most of the chatter about last night’s BET Awards has been focused around Chris Brown’s emotional breakdown during his performance of “Man In The Mirror,” it’s worth noting that there was also a lot of action on the red carpet before last night’s festivities, too. In particular, VH1 News’ own Janell Snowdenfollow her on Twitter! — was able to get a few moments with Todd Bridges, former Diff’rent Strokes star and longtime confidant of the late Gary Coleman. Bridges was there, of course, to honor the memory of his old friend, which he accomplished when he got the whole crowd to shout “Whatchu talkin’ about, Willis?” But on the red carpet, Bridges appeared to be a bit angrier at the chain of events that led to Coleman’s unexpected passing. He had stern words for both Coleman’s parents and his ex-wife, Shannon Price, telling Janell that “something’s fishy” and that he hopes that “God looks into [his death] and the police look into it.”


BET Awards: Bare Skin And Bedazzlers Aplenty

Chris Brown‘s tear-jerker of a performance wasn’t the only awesome thing about the BET Awards last night – his Bedazzled jacket which he wore to the event enchanted us too, as did so many of the other looks that hit the red carpet. Like, remember Brittany Daniel, star of the Sweet Valley High TV show? Well, um…if you didn’t remember her from her acting, you’ll certainly remember her for her strappy dress that shows off quite a bit of midsection. And the always awesome Nicki Minaj just looks like she took a cue from RuPaul’s Drag Race when she was getting ready. Never a dull moment on this red carpet, that’s for sure. Check out the best of the rest below.

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Teary-Eyed Chris Brown Faces His Own Man In The Mirror

Chris Brown‘s blubbering BET Awards performance has left us with one simple reaction: LO-f*cking-L. Look, we too got caught up in MJ mania last year when he passed tragically and unexpectedly, but watching a convicted lady beater bounce around onstage in honor of a dude who probably got creepy with a bunch of kids while pictures of oil-covered birds and earthquake survivors flashed in the background was just too absurd not to laugh at. If the performance was all about helping survivors of terrible events, shouldn’t that picture of Rihanna‘s bruised and swollen face been shown in that sappy photo montage?

That said, before the tears, Chris’ performance was actually pretty damn good and a reminder as to why he is/was Michael Jackson‘s protégé. And despite all of the things that he’s done, we’re not opposed to him reviving his career and having a comeback. Does that mean we’ll ever look past his violent history? No, not really. But America is nothing if not forgiving of its dysfunctional celebrities, and we don’t doubt that Chris has the talent to pull it off. But the tears were just too damn much, regardless of their origin. And please don’t try to tell me they were him repenting for beating Rihanna – if he had wanted to cry about that he should have whipped out the tissues and started weeping 18 months ago. Our guess is that he was overcome with emotion after being given a second chance at career redemption; we just wish his actions of the past year and a half matched the emotions he showed last night. But hey, it’s never too late to make that change, right?

Chris also won something called the Fandemonium Award and told the crowd, “I let you down before but I won’t ever again, I promise.” What do you think about Chris’ cry-fest? Hit us up (no pun intended, sorry) in the comments below.