Bethenny Ever After

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Bethenny Frankel Lost At Sea For Over 20 Hours

And now for a reality show we’d REALLY like to see. Things got a little too real during Real Housewives of NYC star Bethenny Frankel’s sailing trip this weekend, as she and her husband spent over twenty-hours stranded in the North Atlantic! A GPS failure on the couple’s sailboat lead to a “scary” and “absolutely traumatic” ordeal for the reality couple. “I was on a sailboat on Saturday that was supposed to be eight hours and it ended up being twenty because were lost at sea,” she told E! News. Their ship was enroute to the island of Nantucket when it was hit by a large tidal wave that disabled their navigation device.

The group of ten passengers (presumably with a movie star, professor and someone named Mary-Anne to go with the reality millionaire and his wife) were understandably terrified, and Bethenny found her thoughts turning to her 15-month old daughter, Bryn. “I was thinking, Oh, my God, Bryn! I’m not going to be there at six o’clock in the morning when she wakes up and she’s going to wonder where Mommy is and gosh,” she said. “If something were to happen to me, what would happen to her. I was having horrendous thoughts.”

What very nearly could have been a real life Gilligan’s Island  was averted by a call to the U.S. Coast Guard. “We were in the middle of the deep sea with no land or anybody near us,” she explained. “The captain had never, in 30 years, called the Coast Guard.” The captain then proceeded to berate a small man wearing a red shirt and white bucket hat (we imagine). Luckily the team is back on land. And even more luckily, a camera crew for her new reality show Bethenny Ever After was on hand. We’ll definitely be DVR-ing that one.

[Photo: Getty Images]