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Jay-Z Declares Beyonce “The Second Coming” Of Michael Jackson

When you want to flatter the woman you love, you’re going to come up with the most sincere, romantic compliment you can think of. So when Jay-Z calls Beyonce Michael Jackson reincarnated, you know that’s basically international superstar foreplay. “What I’ve learned from her is similar to what I learned from Mike [Jackson] – and I know that’s blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator – but I think she’s like the second coming,” Jay-Z told South Beach’s Jamz 99 about his wife. They were also the only two people on the planet who could ever really pull of wearing epaulets. Ever.

Jay-Z must have music royalty on his mind, given that he just released his new album Watch The Throne with Kanye West last week. “You know, the hard work and dedication that she puts into her shows,” Jay-Z said, continuing his praise of Beyonce. “It just makes you want to work harder at your own craft. She’s like a machine.” Seriously though, they would have to be two machines to look that good in a military-inspired jacket. It just doesn’t seem human.

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Holy Hair, Beyonce!

Beyonce performed at the Oxegen Music Festival in Ireland yesterday and her airborne hair has us fascinated. There’s a certain synergy between Bey and her backup dancer and it could only have been caused by either a strong crosswind, or some very vigorous dancing. Since this is a Beyonce concert, we suspect it’s the latter. Just look at it, guys! Is her hair not a modern wonder of aerodynamicism and anti-gravity? It puts Sideshow Bob to shame. We’d like the number of her hairstylist, please! Although, we’re pretty sure we could never pull that off. Serious follicle envy happening here.

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Beyonce’s Secret Show Brings Out Some Glee Kids And One Gwyneth Paltrow

The Queen should really watch her back because Beyonce has really been taking over England! She’s made history as Bey is the first woman to headline Glastonbury‘s main stage. Who run the world?! She put up a pretty incredible show but it hasn’t ended there. Beyonce also had a secret show at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire last night, which served as her new album launch. How very MI6 of them.

Apart from the fabulous Adele and Bey’s husband, Jay-Z, some Glee kids happened to be in the neighborhood and showed up. Chris Colfer, Amber Riley and Kevin McHale. Their Glee guest star  — Gwyneth Paltrow — also joined them. In fact, they probably ended up hanging out together inside as Gwyneth posted a WhoSay message that read, “Look who i ran into just now at B’s secret show! I heart @druiddude”. The cyber-note accompanied a cute candid with Mchale. Not very secret anymore though, is it?

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Beyonce Is Film Noir Sexy On The L’Uomo Vogue Cover

Now this is a cover. Trust the Italians to get it right! Beyonce on the L’Uomo Vogue July cover looks more sexy than we’ve ever seen her. We’re particular fans of androgyny when it’s done well and we can’t fault the lighting, making or wardrobe in this shot. Her  jacket, shirt and bowtie are all by Dior Homme and the shoes are Tom Ford who put the ‘mmm‘ in menswear. July’s issue is a dual cover so Beyonce’s on with Novak Djokovic (the tennis player). Unfortunately he doesn’t stand a chance against this picture of Bey’s.

We’d like to see the singer channel such a strong look more often. Not that she doesn’t already, but most of her looks now seem to involve very little clothing or most of her sternum exposed. She doesn’t need to — all she’s showing off here is some leg and that’s more than enough.

[Photo via Vogue Italy]

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Beyonce Touches Down In France, We’re Pondering Her Outfit Choice

Is Beyonce hipster now? Like, we’d really like to know because we don’t what the hell’s happening with her outfit choices. Not that we have anything against the singer—she looks really cute 95% of the time and we aren’t the kind to begrudge the remaining 5% (oh, who are we kidding). But this cutesy trilby-artsy glasses combination she has on while touching down in Nice, France (she’s promoting her new album 4) just doesn’t seem “Beyonce”, you know what we mean? She just looks like she’s trying way too hard, and Bey really shouldn’t have to. We actually like the tailored white blazer-black cigarette pants and sky-high stilettos she’s working. And that smile! Look at the whole photograph after the jump and tell us what your opinion is. Read more…

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What To Get The Man Who Has Everything? The World’s Most Expensive Car, Of Course!

While the rest of us are counting out pennies to pay for bus fare, Beyonce is celebrating her husband’s birthday by buying Jay-Z a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, the most expensive car in the world. Hova turned 41 this past Saturday, and what better way to tell someone you love them than to buy them a car worth more than the GDP of Portugal? The amount Bee dropped on the new ride? You are going to want to start breathing into a paper bag now, because it’s $2 million dollars. We almost had to blur that number out, it’s so obscene.

According to the Bugatti webite, the Grand Sport is able to go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 253 miles per hour, which would come in handy when we want to get to the store to buy Ramen, because that’s all we could ever eat again if we bought this car. The Grand Sport is now just one of many in Jay-Z’s luxury car collection, which purportedly also includes a Maybach 62S, Ferrari F430 Spider and a Pagani Zonda Roadster, which we suspect based on the names are actually Transformers in disguise. Lucky for you, there are seven Great Sports still available! Sure, you’ll have to live in it, and your kids can’t go to college, but isn’t being awesome a little more important than that? [Photos: /]

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Some Day, Somehow Beyonce Is Going To Learn To Cook, Says Tina Knowles


Since we’re all on our way to our families’ house to celebrate Thanksgiving/get grilled about our life choices, it’s sort of reassuring to know that, yes, you could be Beyonce and your mom would still find something to make a comment about. When it comes to her daughter’s accomplishments Tina Knowles could not be more thrilled. Well, she could be a little more thrilled, since according to Tina Knowles, Beyonce can’t cook.

Says Tina, “Cooking is the one thing she hasn’t gotten into. She hasn’t mastered [it], but I’m sure she’ll be a good cook once she makes up her mind.” Yeah, once she makes up her mind to do something important for a change! We for one think Beyonce should just just keep having her personal chef make her meals; he would just be a waste of money if she didn’t. Besides, wouldn’t it be nearly impossible for Bee to cook without knocking one of her 16 Grammys into the sauce pan? Those things must be everywhere!

So is Jay-Z going to have to choke down dry turkey and bland stuffing at a Carter-Knowles dinner this year? Reveals Tina, “They’re actually out of the country, so it’s going to be different, but it’ll be good. They’re getting their own tradition – so we have to let go.” We agree with that Tina. Let go, and let Beyonce eat lasagna or pad thai or whatever other kind of food she herself did not make, in peace. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Jay-Z Messes Up Kelsey Grammer’s Name


Hey Jay-z, maybe you and Bey need to watch some reruns of “Frasier.” It’s a really good show, honest! Might save you some embarrassment next time around. Audemars Piguet hosted a gala event called “Time to Give” event at the Four Seasons Hotel this week. Kelsey Grammer signed a watch which was up for bidding, and Jay jumped onstage to get the auction going. Unfortunately that’s when Jay-Z flubbed Kelsey’s name, a source reveals.

“Jay-Z accidentally called him Chelsea Grammer. Kelsey was there and just chuckled and shook his head.”  But  hey, at least the rest of his evening was mess-up free. A watch designed and signed by the rapper went for $220,000.

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Beyonce: I Didn’t Gain Weight! My Dress Made Me Look Phat!

Mrs. Jay-Z has not put on a pound; it’s just that a dress she wore made her look fat. Beyonce‘s rep responded to critics who blasted Beyonce’s curves after she was photographed wearing a shimmery Thierry Mugler gown that accentuated her hips.

“Why does she look so deformed?” one critic accused.

“This is not a weight gain issue,” B’s rep says. “Beyonce is in the best shape of her life. The exaggerated hips are a design element of a truly couture dress.”


Still, why wear a dress if it makes you look fat? It probably comes down to a simple miscommunication. Most likely, Beyonce must have been in a hurry when getting dressed that day, and as she was rushing out of the house, quickly asked Jay-Z, “Baby, does this dress make me look phat?” Jay-Z was probably wrapped up playing Wii and didn’t even look her way before shouting, “Oh, yeah baby, that really makes you look fat!”

Communication is key in every relationship. Let’s hope we don’t have this problem again next time! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Splash News Online]