Big Bird

by (@shalapitcher)

Diane Sawyer, Potheads And Big Bird: 10 Other People Who Won Last Night

Nate Silver, Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer and Joe Biden are among the other winners of Tuesday night's election.

Barack Obama wasn’t the only winner of yesterday’s election day — and we’re not just talking about all those congresspeople and local officials who were elected. People were as glued to their laptops as they were to the TV, naturally, and their comments and retweets voted a number of other people, memes and causes into our hearts. Here are 10 more of the night’s victors:

1. Obama’s social media team, whose elated “Four more years” tweet became the most shared post in Twitter history, according to Mediabistro.

2. Diane Sawyer, whose loopy behavior and slurred speech was immediately a trending topic on Twitter, making many a CNN loyalist switch over to ABC. Hey, we were all drowning our nerves in alcohol, so we could totally identify.

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