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Big Morning Buzz Live Host Nick Lachey Sings A Sweet N’ Sexy Lullaby On The View

The View welcomed the hunky Nick Lachey this morning, and we couldn’t be more excited to watch him strut his stuff as the host of Big Morning Buzz Live. Charismatic and charming as always, Lachey discusses his excitement about filming the AM show, and what he thinks it will take to be a great host . His answer? Be ready for anything and be an open book, of course. Hmmm sounds like this season will be one to watch. And of course, Lachey gushes and his little Tater Tot, Camden, who’s already 18 months now. Goodness, how the time flies! Finally, he makes us swoon with a live rendition of the lullaby he sings to his son and it will make your heart completely turn to mush. Don’t believe us? Watch now and find our for yourself!

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Style Seen: Rita Ora Is A Kicks Over Heels Type Of Girl

Rita Ora Style Seen Big Morning Buzz Live

Like her fun song “How We Do (Party),” Rita Ora’s style is equally as vibrant. The 21-year-old Jay-Z protege is opening for Coldplay this summer and is quickly rising to stardom as Roc Nation’s newest pop diva. When the British Armenian beauty stopped by the VH1 offices for Big Morning Live Buzz she showed up in true Rita Ora fashion–in prints and colors. “I have to be on here in a pretty printed outfit,” she told Big Morning Buzz Live host. And her nails, that only cost her 60 pounds in London, were all kinds of sparkly. Whether on stage or working the red carpet, Rita Ora loves a bold print. Don’t be surprised if she pairs a printed dress with the hottest sneakers out. “It’s funny because everyone that knows me knows it takes so long to get me out of kicks,” she said about her love for sneakers. But for our shoot she brought her best nude A game pumps. Scroll down for the details.

Rita Ora's Necklace

Rita Ora's Rings and Nails

Rita Ora's Shirt on Big Morning Buzz Live

Rita Ora's Skirt

Rita Ora's Watch

Rita Ora’s dress and jacket are from FW12 Manish Arora. Her rings are Fenton Fallon. The watch has no label and the bracelets are her own. The shoes are Mugler.

[Photos by Jen Marigliano]

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Hanson: Fully Prepared For A Walking Dead-Style Zombie Apocalypse

We all know the Hanson brothers are doing their part to fill the world with beautiful music while populating it with beautiful people (they’ve got eight kids between them, so far). But when the guys stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to chat about their ongoing tour, we asked them the question on about 7.3 million (sleep-deprived) Walking Dead fans’ minds: Are Hanson prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

“If the Zombie Apocalypse comes, you want to be with Hanson,” Taylor, 28, answered with confidence.

“For one, we live in Oklahoma, so …,” Isaac, 31, reasoned, as Taylor completed the thought, “We own weapons.”

“We live on enough land that there probably aren’t going to be that many walkers, at least for a while, around the house, which is good, ” explained baby bro Zac, who turns 26 on Saturday.
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Walking Dead Broke Records, So Buy Your Norman Reedus Breath Soon!

So, now I know I wasn’t the only frozen to my couch and staring bug-eyed at the screen last night, before being plagued by zombie nightmares. Deadline reports that 7.3 million people tuned in to the season two premiere of The Walking Dead, making it the most-watched single telecast in basic cable history. That means star Norman Reedus, who plays good-ol’ boy Daryl, might be seeing more of the freaky fan encounters he spoke about on this morning’s Big Morning Buzz Live.

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