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Claudia Romani Ups Her Bikini Awards Game; Your Move, Drita

Claudia Romani

When we tweeted out the first of our Bikini Awards Round 3 matchups, we were half joking/half thinking wishfully with our request for Claudia Romani and Drita D’Avanzo to send us new photos to help with your decision-making. But Italian model/actress Romani tweeted back to us within minutes, and we soon found 15 hot new pics of her in our inbox. That’s a competitive spirit!

If you’re wondering just who this European beauty happens to be, here are a few facts about her. She was born in L’Aquila, Italy, and moved to Copenhagen after high school. That’s where she was discovered on the beach by a scout for FHM Denmark. She’s been modeling all over the world ever since, and these days calls Miami home — that’s where the paps have been snapping all sorts of pics of her in a bikini. But here we present to you some more polished photos, courtesy of the lovely Ms. Romani herself. Now we’re eager to see what Drita does in response.

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[Photos courtesy Claudia Romani]

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Beyonce Battles Shemar Moore For VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards Round 3

When I started working at VH1 and someone mentioned the Bikini Awards, I really thought I heard “Bikini Wars.” That’s wouldn’t necessarily be a misnomer, particularly in the case of the fight these two semi-finalists (or, well, their fans) put up in round 2. Beyonce and her joyous bikini pics narrowly defeated Maria Menounos’ Dancing With the Stars-toned body. And even with Coco tweeting the poll out to her fans, am army of Shemar Moore followers showed up in force to choose the competition’s last man standing over the very bootylicious model. So now these two delicious stars are battling it out for round 3. Will the Bey Hive manage to step up to the swooning ladies who love every opportunity to see Shemar shirtless? We shall see. Voting ends Monday at midnight ET, and then the final round begins Tuesday morning!

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[Photos: Tumblr, Splash News Online]

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Drita D’Avanzo Faces Claudia Romani For VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards Round 3

It’s getting down to the wire, ladies and gentlemen. Or the string, whichever you prefer. After rallying her fans on Twitter and Facebook, Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo trounced Michelle Rodriguez in Round 2 of the VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards. That was nowhere near as surprising as Italian model Claudia Romani’s crushing defeat of Selena Gomez. Whither the Wizards of Waverly Place fans? From what we can tell, voters in Italy may have been tipping the scales a bit. Let’s see if they have anything like the enthusiasm of Staten Island’s finest.

Voting for this round continues through Monday (July 23) at midnight ET. Then we’ll begin the finals on Tuesday morning. So vote early and often, bikini fans!

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[Photos: House of Jackie Brown, Splash News Online]

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Shemar Moore Vs. Coco: VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards Get Wild (Card)!

Coco and Shemar Moore

Unlike those magazine editors you see on TV and in movies, we website editors are not normally a power hungry bunch. But there are times that do call for us to flex our muscles, so to speak, and one of those times is today. You see, in order to turn the VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards into a bracket, we needed one more branch to add to the seven contests we posted earlier this month. So we looked back at who hadn’t yet made the cut for round 2 and discovered — gasp! — that our beloved Coco was left out in the cold, shivering in her tiny thong. She faced some seriously tough competition in the Reality-TV category — what with Drita launching a full-on Twitter campaign for herself. But really, Coco belongs in a category all by herself. That’s why we’re making her the Editor’s Choice.

But this is your only save, Coco. Now it’s time to face the Awards’ last remaining male competitor, the delectable Shemar Moore. We were honestly surprised to see the Criminal Minds star so easily beat the likes of Joe Manganiello and Channing Tatum. But it seems Shemar and his abs have had quite the following, long before anyone hear the words Magic Mike. Can his physique stand up to the likes of Coco’s fabulous rear end? We’ll see, after voting ends tomorrow at midnight!

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[Photos: Twitter, Splash News Online]

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Beyonce Vs. Maria Menounos: VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards Round 2 Continues!

Beyonce and Maria Menounos

In this corner, we have a pop megastar and new mommmy, whose ability to bounce back into bikini shape after giving birth is either incredibly inspiring or maddening, depending on who’s looking. In the other corner, we have a TV host whose confidence in her body is so great, she keeps making bets that have her strutting in the freezing air/water in a tiny two-piece, sometimes on national television. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Beyonce, the easy victor of the Bikini Awards pop-star category, is up against Extra host Maria Menounos — who handily defeated all the other gorgeous ladies of our “multi-talented” category.

Whose bikini bod reigns supreme? We have no idea how you’ll possibly choose between these two, but you’ll have to do it before tomorrow at midnight!

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[Photos:, Splash News Online]

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VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards Round 2: Drita Vs. Michelle Rodriguez

Drita D'Avanzo and Michelle Rodriguez

We’ve been having so much fun with our annual VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards (and judging by the amount of votes you’ve placed, so have you) that we decided to extend things a bit. We’re turning this into a bracket style throwdown, starting with a couple of ladies who know a thing or two about throwdowns: Mob WivesDrita D’Avanzo and Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez. We can tell you who wants this more: Drita started her own campaign to rally votes for herself in the Reality TV round (not that she needed it; look at that photo!). But Michelle is coming off a surprise victory in the Hollywood leading ladies category, where she narrowly beat Scarlett Johansson by a handful of votes. That girl has some fight in her. Who’s your favorite? Choose carefully, and choose often. Polls close Tuesday at midnight!

[Photos: House of Jackie Brown, Splash News Online]

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VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards Round 2: Selena Gomez Vs. Claudia Romani

Selena Gomez, Claudia Romani

We didn’t want the VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards to end after just a couple of weeks, and we don’t think you did either. That’s why we’re extending them into a bracket-style showdown. While the first round featured ladies competing against their peers; now it’s time to see how they do against a whole other category of beach beauties. Here we have Disney star victor Selena Gomez in her Spring Breakers finery going halter-to-halter against Italian model Claudia Romani. You might think Selena holds the advantage, due to name recognition if nothing else. But a quick image search of Claudia turns up almost nothing but bikini pics. This girl’s a pro. And she has a fanbase that helped her beat the likes of Miranda Kerr and Kate Upton. Which lovely lady do you want to see continue in this very important competition? Think long and hard before you decide, but decide quickly. Polls close Tuesday at midnight.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards: Courtney Stodden, Maria Menounos And All The Other Ladies Who Defy Categorization

Arianny Celeste, Maria Menounos, Courtney Stodden

It’s the second week of the annual Bikini Awards, and you’d think we’d run out of sexy men and women to objectify in their tiny triangles of fabric. But though we’ve thoroughly covered the supermodels, pop singers, Disney alums, reality-TV stars, Hollywood stunners and, of course, the boys of summer, we have one more category of bikini greatness to share with you. Only we have no idea what to call them, as these ladies kind of defy simple categorizations. We have the likes of Maria Menounos, TV presenter and now an expert ballroom dancer. There are foreign hotties like Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, Swiss-Italian TV hostess Michelle Hunziker and Miss Finland, Sara Chafak. UFC Octogon girl Arianny Celeste basically dons bikinis for a living, but that doesn’t mean she minds wearing them on her days off too. Courtney Stodden demonstrated earlier this week that she’s as good at dancing in a two-piece as she is at floor-flashing in one. Socialite Tinsley Mortimer manages to make her dip in a pool look super classy. And though since dating George Clooney, Stacy Keibler has been covering up more than flashing her amazing gams, she still managed to land a magazine cover baring her magnificent midriff. Which of these multi-talented women do you most love seeing splash around at the beach? Peruse the gallery and then choose. Voting ends July 15 at 11 p.m. ET.

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[Photos: Splash News Online, Twitter]

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Scarlett Johansson In A Bikini, With A Mystery Man? Color Us Intrigued!

Scarlett Johansson Weekend Italy, Bikini Pictures, Mystery Man

Anytime Scarlett Johansson slips on a bikini is a simultaneous cause for celebration and envy. We don’t really need to explain why, right? Those curves should be illegal. There’s the reason why she’s featured so highly in our VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards! The fact that she spent the weekend chilling in Taormina in Italy makes us even more jealous. That’s in Sicily, by the way, and looks completely and utterly stunning. Scarlett definitely rolls in style: She was spotted sunbathing, not on a beach — that’s too plebeian — but on a beautiful yacht! But here’s what has us even more piqued. As you can see in the photograph above, she was also in the company of a tanned, very muscular, rather good-looking mystery man. He looks quite interested in the sight that’s sprawled out in front of him, and we don’t blame him one bit. Scarlett may have covered up her face with a visor and sunglasses, but that white bikini takes care of the rest of her business. So who is the guy? We hate to break the bubble — ours included — but her spokesperson, Marcel Pariseau, says he’s her bodyguard, “If you go back and look at photos from the premiere of the Avengers in Rome, you’ll see it’s her security guard.” Hmm, that doesn’t mean he can’t fulfill other duties, does it? It’s a pretty amazing body to guard! Catch two more photographs of Scarlett on vacay right after the jump! Read more…

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Courtney Stodden Wanted To Be In Our Bikini Awards, So She Posted Her Own Cat Daddy Video

Although the voting for the VH1 Bikini Awards is far from over, Kate Upton is truly shaping up to be the bikini queen of the summer. Between her accession to tropical goddess level with her SI Swimsuit Edition cover, as well as her recent sizzling turn in the pages of GQ, it’s hard to argue that she is the (un)official beach bod of 2012. And you could do a lot worse! We know we’re supposed to be impartial, but she totally has our vote for the bikini awards. As journalists we’re supposed to be fair and balanced about some things, but Kate Upton’s supreme hotness is not one of them.

But now Kate’s got a challenger to the two-piece throne in the form of Courtney Stodden! The teen bride has copied her signature bikini-filled “Cat Daddy” video, posting the clip to her YouTube channel over the weekend. She titled the vid “This Video Will Be Age Restricted In…” as a tribute to Kate’s original, which was famously banned (at least for a minute) from the media sharing site. And for extra proof that she’s America’s favorite blonde bombshell, she donned a stars and stripes bikini! An homage to Kate’s patriotic GQ look, perhaps? Jeez Courtney, if you wanted to be in the bikini awards so badly, you could have just shot us an email or something.

Who do you think did the “Cat Daddy” better? And by “better” we mean “hotter.” Let us know in the poll below!