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Giuliana And Bill Rancic Show Off Baby Edward Duke In Life & Style

Bill, Giuliana and Edward Duke Rancic

In the latest issue of Life & Style, Bill and Giuliana Rancic aren’t exactly saying anything earth-shattering about their first couple weeks of being brand new parents to baby Edward Duke — “I had always heard that when you have a baby it completes your life — and it’s true,” she said; and he added, “Every day he’s changing — it’s just remarkable to see.” But in the few quotes we’ve seen from the magazine debut of their son, you can also tell that their happiness is heightened by how long and desperately they’ve worked and waited for this moment. Fertility treatments, breast cancer, getting gestational carrier, reality TV — it’s taken a whole lot to get them to this point, so it’s sort of like they have a right to appreciate this more than your typical celebrity parents. No offense to typical celebrity parents.

“I couldn’t believe that all those years of struggling and the tears actually paid off,” Giuliana told the mag. “Every shot, every doctor’s visit — in the end, when you’re holding your baby in your arms, you forget it all, and it’s worth it.”

Apparently, Giuliana even enjoys changing diapers. “I’d never changed more than a diaper or two in my life,” she said. “Now it’s like the littlest things that make me happy — happier than I’ve ever been.”

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Giuliana And Bill Rancic Welcome America’s Newest Reality-TV Star, Son Edward Duke

Bill and Giuliana Rancic

“The ‘Duke’ has landed! Edward Duke Rancic was welcomed into the world last night at 7lbs 4oz. G & I feel blessed beyond words…We did it!” Bill Rancic tweeted last night. And as anyone who’s followed his and wife Giuliana’s journey toward parenthood knows, he had a right to sound so triumphant. Their son was born at 10:12 p.m. in Denver on Wednesday via gestational carrier, E! Online reported. Both parents were in the delivery room: Bill got to cut the umbilical cord and Giuliana was the first to hold baby Edward.

“Bill and I are blessed beyond words to welcome Edward into our lives,” Giuliana told her employer E!. “Thank you so much to everyone who supported us along the way. We are so in love with the little guy already!”
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Giuliana And Bill Rancic Expecting Baby In Late Summer Of “The Year Of The Rancics”

We can’t help but feel like the ups and downs of Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s lives are actually the plot of a movie. She was a young Italian immigrant who learned English by watching TV and then grew up to become a TV news correspondent. He was a young entrepreneur who got his big break as the first winner of The Apprentice, and of course, they met when she interviewed him. (This fact is pretty funny when you consider how hard she still keeps flirting with George Clooney during interviews.) They tried to continue this televised fairy tale by publicly chronicling their attempts to have a baby, eventually through in vitro fertilization, and then kept the world in the loop when she had a miscarriage in 2010. They were looking into several other options this fall, which is what led to Giuliana discovering she had breast cancer. That was just last fall, but Giuliana was quickly back at work following her double mastectomy.

So, this nicely crafted story naturally continues with a high point: The couple announced today that they’re expecting their first child via a gestational carrier (a woman implanted with Giuliana’s fertilized egg). “The stars were aligned,” Bill told E! of how they chose the carrier. “It’s been tough to keep it a secret. We wanted to share it with the world, we wanted to share it with the viewers who watch the Giuliana & Bill show, who’ve been with us on our journey, but we’re finally comfortable now. The doctor gave us the green light to go ahead and tell the world and that’s what we’re going to do.

“It’s the year of the Rancics!” Bill continued. We’ll say!

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Giuliana Rancic Announces Mastectomy, Wants To “Take The Stigma Away”

E! News host Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill Rancic returned to the Today show this morning to deliver the difficult news that Giuliana is going to have a double mastectomy. Back in October 36-year-old announced on Today that she was diagnosed with cancer and at the time hoped to battle the disease with lumpectomies and radiation treatment. But as Bill explained, surgery had failed to remove the cancer from one of Giuliana’s breasts, and after consulting many experts, the couple decided that removing both breasts would give her the best chance of living a longer, healthier life.

“With the double mastectomy I have less than 1 percent chance of getting [the cancer] back,” she told host Ann Curry. “With the lumpectomy, radiation and medication, I could have seen 20 to 30 to 40 percent chance in my lifetime, and for me it just wasn’t worth it.” (Watch the interview after the jump.)
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