Birthday Gif Wall

by (@laurenkaye)

Celebrate David Hasselhoff’s 60th Birthday With The Internet’s Weirdest GIF Wall

It seems like just yesterday that David Hasselhoff‘s jiggling pecks graced our televisions as he jogged the beaches of Baywatch. Many bizarre music videos, film cameos (Piranha 3DD On Demand now!) and a drunken cheeseburger incident later, The Hoff is turning 60. Where has the time gone?
Celebrate his big day by giving this GIF wall a gander and take comfort in knowing it’s probably the strangest thing you’ll see today. Our deepest condolences go out to your eyeballs.

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Birthday Gif Wall: Robert Pattinson

None of us should be at work today. For May 13th should forever be commemorated as a national international holiday, as it is the 25th anniversary of the moment Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson graced this world with his damn-handsome presence.
Throughout this very special RPattz b-day week, we’ve brought you mood-lightening giggles and lady part-tingling hair strokes. For his day of birth, we’ve reserved the 30+ most hilarious, Rob-ish moments we could dig up…and yes, we’re aware there are so many more.
To celebrate the man we all adore’s 25th, give way to hypotism of the most glorious kind. Gif awesomeness after the jump. Read more…


Robert Pattinson Hair Stroking Gif Wall

Yesterday we brought you GigglePattz, today TheFABlife gets serious. Serious about almost-birthday boy Robert Pattinson‘s luscious locks! Whether it’s long and wacky circa 2008 or side-buzzed for Water For Elephants, Rob seemingly cannot keep his fingers out of his perfectly disheveled mess.
While some ever-present twitches are distracting and irritating, we’re anything but annoyed by Rob’s finger combing ways. In fact, we love it. We love it so much we grabbed 30 of his sexiest, most spellbinding, hair stroking moments and threw them on loop. Take a seat and take a gander after the jump. Read more…


Robert Pattinson Giggle Gif Wall

Ladies, hold on to your ovaries. This is certainly explosive material. Hot on the heels of our mesmerizing Kristen Stewart birthday gif wall and to honor our man Robert Pattinson‘s birthday this Friday, we’ll be gif-ing our Rob-lovin’ hearts out all week. Today’s wall o’ giggles is sure to make you smile — we’ve been grinning like idiots all day creating it. And yes, our co-workers think we’re insane.

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Birthday Gif Wall: George Clooney Throbs Our Hearts At Any Age

As eternal cutie patooty George Clooney turns 50 today, we could think of no better way to celebrate his birth than a gigantic wall of his magnificent mug. He’s been coined “Gorgeous George” for a reason and has only grown more darling with age. From E/R to One Fine Day to Ocean’s 11 to Up in the Air, the Cloonster yanks at our heart strings in every role, wardrobe and hairdo.

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Birthday Gif Wall: Kristen Stewart

It’s no secret that we here at TheFABlife adore Kristen Stewart. From her nervous twitches to sexpot photo shoots to klutzy award receiving – that pretty mug of hers never fails to amuse us. As our week-long celebration of her 21st birthday rolls on, we’ve gleefully rounded up some of our favorite Stewfaces and thrown them on loop. Click below the jump and prepare to be mesmerized by our glorious Kristen Stewart Birthday Gif wall. And Happy B-day, Kristen! Read more…