by (@hallekiefer)

Josh Duhamel Kicked Off Plane For Refusing To Turn Off His BlackBerry


Sometime it’s a fine line between bad boy and douchebag, but that line was erased yesterday when Josh Duhamel got kicked off a plane for refusing to shut off his BlackBerry. According to sources, Duhamel was “very rude”, “taunting the attendant” after being asked three times to shut off his phone for take-off. See, we were always under the impression that having a cell phone on would make the plane plummet out of the sky. Hmmm, or maybe that’s just something we saw in Soul Plane

The flight already delayed, other passengers had to spend even more time flipping through SkyMall as the pilot returned the plane to the gate and two officers escorted Duhamel off the flight. Fergie’s husband was reportedly on his way from New York’s LaGuardia airport to Kentucky when he decided to act the fool. According to Josh’s rep, the Transformers star was texting about his flight being delayed and that “He’s sorry.” We’d be sorry too, if we ended up on a 12-hour bus ride to Louisville. [Photo: Splash News Online]