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Amber Rose Works It Out In BlackBook

Amber Rose Poses For BlackBook

Who better to use a male model’s butt as a footrest than one Ms. Amber Rose, fiance to Wiz Khalifa and the only human alive who can pose pantsless with gigantic wire-frame glasses on an exercise bike and not look like some kind of an insane grandma? The model/singer/Kim Kardashian beef starter posed for BlackBook‘s June/July issue, and, as usual, looks crazy-good as she somehow manages to pull off a fringed leather jacket, socks with sandals and a color-coordinated tie within the same photoshoot. So good, in fact, that we’re assuming readers won’t notice that she’s technically posing for the men’s fashion section. And if they notice…yeah, they aren’t going to care.

Amber Rose Poses For BlackBook

Amber was also looking fresh during her mint moment at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards as  she escorted Wiz to his performance of “Work Hard, Play Hard.”  Tweeted Amber last night, “My baby just Killed it!!! #MovieAwards.” Guess that makes both of you! We’d complain that it’s not fair for Amber to look this good all the time, but come on. Looking good is the woman’s life’s work. We can’t throw shade if she devotes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to being hot. That just means she’s earned it.

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