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Rihanna’s Gold Grillz Compete With Chris Brown’s Tatt For This Week’s Most Unattractive Accessory

Rihanna Wears Gold Grillz To Dinner

Hmmm, which one is less appealing: Chris Brown‘s new prison-style neck tattoo, or the gold grillz Rihanna paired with opaque lilac lip gloss night? On one hand, Rihanna can take out the aforementioned grillz whenever she wants, rather than, say, having to pay thousands of dollars to have them lasered off. On the other hand, Chris Brown can walk into any restaurant in the world and immediately enjoy a nice meal unhindered by his sugar skull/MAC advert/alleged portrait of RiRi getting in the way. What’s the point of wearing grillz to Giorgio Baldi, knowing that you’ll have to excuse yourself to the ladies room, spit them out and keep them in your purse wrapped in a napkin? Unless we completely misunderstand grillz? Which is more than possible?

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Jesse James And Kat Von D To Marry Next Month, Bombshell McGee Against It

Now that the cat’s out of the bag about their upcoming nuptials, Kat Von D and Jesse James will wed next month. Why wait, when you can start grossing America out immediately? “Jesse and Kat don’t see any reason why they should wait to trade vows,” a source claims. “They are madly in love with each other and want to make everything official.” Von D has been showing off her engagement ring, a 4-carat platinum and diamond stunner from Neil Lane, but only has a few more weeks to parade it around before the couple’s small wedding, to be located somewhere outside of California. We can’t wait to see what insane, permanent mistakes they’ll slap on their bodies as a testament to their undying love!

As if were any of her business, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee warns that Jesse will cheat, as if that wasn’t so much of a given, he’ll probably put it in his vows. In a video message to RadarOnline, McGee admonishes “I was with Jesse during his marriage—the guy’s not faithful, he doesn’t have a faithful bone in his body!” The only reason we suspect this might not be true is that Kat seems to be exactly the type of women Jesse is draw too. Looks like he found the exact tattoo-to-skin ratio he likes, which seems to be somewhere around 12-to-1.

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Jesse James, Do You Take Kat Von D As Your Hell Bride?


Are Jesse James and Kat Von D engaged? The two were spotted this weekend at the Art of Elysium charity benefit in Los Angeles, and Von D seemed to be taking pains to show off her ring-finger bling. Normally we’d expect a couple like this to get a simple tattooed wedding band, but since Kat’s fingers are already covered in spiders and pentagrams, this might be the next best thing.

James and Von D have been getting hot and heavy in real life, but over Twitter they’re approaching Shakesperean sonnet levels of gushiness. “Baby? You make it so easy to do everything I can to show you how Amazing you are. I see it as clear as a bell. My other half,” tweeted Jesse yesterday. No confirmation on whether the two ink-covered lovebird have made it official, but we’re sure they’ll tweet it as soon as they want us to know. As grody as we might find Jesse James, at least, AT LEAST, he is not with his ex Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who was caught licking a picture of Sandra Bullock. As if that wasn’t gross enough, someone let McGee into the Universal Golden Globes Studios afterparty! Have these people no decency? Here’s hoping Bullock is still in bed nursing that awards show hangover, just so she can missed seeing all this walking graffiti in the news.

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Rap’s Top 20 Richest Artists Revealed


First things first: Do people still say the word “bling”? Or is that term a relic of a bygone era? Either way, it’s no secret that there is a lot of money to be made by becoming a global hip-hop icon these days. So much so, in fact, that a normally hoity-toity magazine like Forbes has been putting together lists of the Top 20 Hip-Hop Cash Kings since 2007. To that end, the high-falutin’ magazine is putting its fawning coverage of Wall Street robber barons in a temporary holding pattern as they focus their efforts on counting down which rappers are making the most cheddar in 2010.

While you most certainly won’t be surprised to find out that Jay-Z currently holds the title as hip-hop’s wealthiest mogul — he raked in some $63 million last year, no big whoops — you might be surprised when you hear that Lil Wayne places fourth on the list, this despite the fact that he’s been behind bars since March. Hilariously, Weezy’s actually on track to earn more money this year ($20 million) than he did last year ($18 million).

Check out our gallery below to find out who else made the list (and how much they took home). Only one question remains: If hip-hop’s wealthiest don’t spend money on “bling” anymore, what do they spend it on?