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Nucky Thompson’s Endearing Moments Make The Boardwalk Empire Finale That Much Harder to Accept

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It’s been a long road for Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) and Boardwalk Empire. And tonight, the gangster life culminates for the shows grand finale, which is sure to go out with many bangs. Nucky is the ultimate anti-hero, whose criminal ways are peppered with moments of grey between good and evil. Nucky treads that line expertly. Sometimes ruthless, sometimes compellingly sweet, Nucky is able to be both a malevolent crime boss and a gentle, endearing husband/father/brother/friend.

While it’s easy to stumble over Nucky’s racketeering of seasons past, moments like when he protected and took in Margaret Schroeder (Kelly MacDonald) and her kids are what make him such a great character and Boardwalk Empire such a dynamic experience. Click through the gallery to relive these moments and mourn the end of a truly awesome show.

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How Does the Boardwalk Empire Cast Think the Show Will End?

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We’ve been waiting for the fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire with equal parts anticipation and dread. Anticipation, because it’s one of our favorite shows. Dread, because it’s one of our favorite shows. Read more…

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Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael K. Williams Has A Special Holiday Message For Best Week Ever!

Season’s greetings, my little sugar plums! Best Week Ever is back this week to spread the holiday cheer and we’ve got a special guest! It’s Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael K. Williams! The HBO star is here to spread a little seasonal cheer with some egg nog and some moonshine. Can we expect some caroling from the celebrated star? Maybe a little “Deck The Halls” or “I’m Omar, bitch?” Check out the clip above and don’t forget to tune in for an all-new episode of Best Week Ever tomorrow, Friday December 13 at 10/9 C! SET YOUR DVR!

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Honey Boo Boo Goes High Brow: Our Dream Cameos For Alana Holler

I consider myself a veteran Honey Boo Boo Child fan, frantically cutting together this montage the morning after her amazing, hysterical, breakout Toddlers & Tiaras episode. Since then, the Go-Go-Juiced sassafrass [legal, rarely-heard name: Alana Holler], along with her coupon-cutting mamma June and daddy Sugar Bear, have scored their own reality series that infamously garnered more viewers than the RNC and has spawned catchphrases like “You Betta Redneckognize!” In light of the show’s success, Honey Boo Boo’s veering more and more into the mainstream with a recent, hilarious interview on Anderson Live and a sketch featured on SNL‘s Weekend Update, starring Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan.
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, this family isn’t going anywhere. The only natural step is a featured role for Boo Boo on one of television’s hottest Emmy-nominated shows. Right? No? Whatever, let us dream.

Show: Downton Abbey
Character Summary: Lady Mary enters the Big Sister program and is assigned to Alana, or as she will be known on the show, “Lady Boo Boo.”

Show: Homeland
Character Summary: Alana and her belly become a key element in Carrie Mathison’s case against Brody.

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Boardwalk Empire Walks Out On Paz De La Huerta

Just like her eyes and mouth will occasionally disappear off her face on the red carpet, TVLine reports that model and actress Paz de la Huerta will soon be disappearing from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Despite her extremely convincing turn as Steve Buscemi‘s slightly unstable mistress Lucy Danziger, Paz reportedly did not get her contract renewed for the period drama’s third season. Good luck finding another actress who will commit to that much high-caliber nude acting, you guys, because she does not exist.

We’re not really that surprised by the news; if you watch the show (or don’t mind a spoiler!), you know that the end of season two featured Lucy walking out on her newborn child. We imagine it’s … sort of hard for a character to come back after that. Luckily, Paz has a number of upcoming film projects this year, including a role in Malin Akerman‘s Linda Lovelace movie, Inferno. Thank goodness. The idea of Paz’s lavender lips disappearing from the Golden Globes altogether chills us to the bones.

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Paz de la Huerta Makes Jeggings Hot

OK, we know the article of clothing known as “jeggings” has gotten some serious flack. It’s definitely a tough look to pull off. But we gotta say, jeggings don’t look half bad on Paz de la Huerta. Is it just us? The Boardwalk Empire star rocked the risky fashion choice at the premiere of The Devil’s Double in New York City on Monday. Paz went into pin-up mode as she hit the red carpet, proving that she has what it takes to enter the cele-booty pantheon along with Kim Kardashian and J-Lo. We never thought we’d say this, but check the gallery below for more of the hottie in the jeggings!

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Paz De La Huerta Charged With Assault, Being Paz De La Huerta

We all enjoy Paz De La Huerta‘s free-spirited antics, whether it’s Paz’s Golden Globes dress malfunction or how she wears what we can only hope is brown lipstick 98% of the time. Unfortunately for Paz De La Huerta, assault charges are less “quirky fun boho” and more “tragic cautionary tale boho.” De La Huerta’s five misdemeanor charges, including 3rd degree assault and harassment, stem from an incident on March 22 when allegedly Paz assaulted City star Samantha Swetra in a drunken bar brawl in NYC. If you wouldn’t ask a bird not to sing her song, then why would you ask Paz to not be Paz? Oh, because it involves committing assault. You make a fair point.

During today’s hearing, prosecutors reportedly told the judge that on the night of her arrest the actress informed police, “I’m a real actress. HBO. She’s a publicity seeker, a fake actress.” Paz, when will you stop these delightful kooky antics, because apparently not even hand-cuffs will slow you down! De La Huerta will have to appear again in court May 19. Given that Paz scored a model contract earlier this month and Boardwalk Empire is scheduled for another season, we’re sure Paz will be tumbling out of her clothes and/or kicking out the window of a cop car sooner rather than later.

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Paz De La Huerta Falls Out Of Her Dress, Biffs It Hard At The Golden Globes

We love us some party people over here at TheFABlife, but occasionally we get too much of a good thing, like seeing Boardwalk Empire’s Paz de la Huerta drunkenly flash the paparazzi after failing to get into a Golden Globes afterparty. TMZ has a video of a clearly intoxicated de la Huerta being turned away Chateau Marmont before nearly doing a face plant on the curb. De la Huerta’s sober assistant hustles the staggering actress away, but not before he fails to tell the actress that her dress had fallen down in the front…and a big hole had been ripped in the back. Paz’s Boardwalk character might strip down for Steve Buscemi at the drop of the hat, but drunkenly spilling out of your dress within 500 yards of the Hollywood Foreign Press? Not our idea of a good time.

This isn’t the first time Paz has caused a bit of a scene. From posing nude to discussing her sex life in public, Paz definitely seems like a free spirit. Let’s hope that if she continues to be this free, she’ll hire somebody who knows enough to yank her gown back up after she takes a nose dive.