Bob’s Burgers

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Bob’s Burgers Season 5 Will Feature a Titanic Moment and Lots of Holiday Cheer

Bobs Burgers Season 5

At New York Comic Con, the cast behind Bob’s Burgers — including H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), John Roberts (Linda), Kristen Schaal (Louise), Eugene Mirman (Gene), and creator Loren Bouchard — celebrated the success of the show and its recent Best Animated Series Emmy win by treating fans to several secrets from the show’s upcoming episodes. Among the highlights to look out for in season five: Bob’s dad, Linda’s major makeover, and the promise of a soundtrack.

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That Time H. Jon Benjamin Was Fired From Sex And The City


While most famous for voicing FX’s super spy, Sterling Archer, and Bob Belcher, the patriarch of FOX’s hilarious burger joint, there was a time when H. Jon Benjamin was a working actor taking bit parts on long-running series, like Rescue Me and Sex and the City.

Fans of Carrie Bradshaw and her gaggle of gals may remember when Benjamin briefly appeared on the third episode of season one but the actor reveals that he was supposed to have a much larger part on the show.

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Jon Hamm’s Turn As A Talking Toilet On Bob’s Burgers Joins His Other Least Jon Hamm-Like Roles

Jon Hamm

If there’s anything we love more than Jon Hamm‘s absurdly symmetrical face, it’s the fact he’s willing to play parts that are diametrically opposed to how insanely good looking he is. Like playing a talking toilet on an upcoming episode of Bob’s Burgers, for example. The Man Men star could make a living playing only Don Draper-style leading man roles if he wanted to; instead he’ll be voicing a “high-end talking electronic toilet that falls off a truck and lands in the woods.” Perfection. While “toilet” might be the most openly disgusting of Hamm’s roles, it’s certainly not the only one that completely undercuts his good looks and hypermasculine aura. Not by a long shot:

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