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Heidi Klum Goes Naked (Well, Almost) For The Cameras … Again

We could pretend that Heidi Klum is in a very tight, very thin catsuit in this picture. But the truth is that some people are just that comfortable with themselves and their amazing bodies to take their kit off for cameras. Heidi is clearly one of these individuals, and why would shouldn’t be? She never went through an awkward teenage phase so she’s been gorgeous through the years. She’s never gone through an awkward adult phase, either. Consider Heidi in this Allure edition for clarification. So we’re all simpatico? Excellent. Because Heidi is frickin’ awesome and she’s naked under all that body paint in this photograph for this Astor Cosmetics advertisement, honoring their 60th anniversary.

She explained the M.O of the picture on her blog, writing, “Makeup artist Joanne Gair transformed me into a story of color –literally! The shoot was done to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand. It took 12 hours for Joanne to complete my look, but this actually wasn’t the first time she has painted me from head to toe. This was probably close to the 13th time I’ve been body painted by her, so I’m used to getting it done — the process takes awhile, so you have to be good at being patient!” Considering she seems so genial all the time, it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary that Heidi would complain about becoming a human canvas. She added, “I don’t mind sitting still for such a long time though, it’s a living piece of art that I’m so honored to be a part of. However, I get so sad when the shoot is over because the beautiful paint all gets washed down the drain!” It’s beautiful alright!

[Photo via Heidi Klum]

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