Bombshell McGee

by (@hallekiefer)

Jesse James And Kat Von D To Marry Next Month, Bombshell McGee Against It

Now that the cat’s out of the bag about their upcoming nuptials, Kat Von D and Jesse James will wed next month. Why wait, when you can start grossing America out immediately? “Jesse and Kat don’t see any reason why they should wait to trade vows,” a source claims. “They are madly in love with each other and want to make everything official.” Von D has been showing off her engagement ring, a 4-carat platinum and diamond stunner from Neil Lane, but only has a few more weeks to parade it around before the couple’s small wedding, to be located somewhere outside of California. We can’t wait to see what insane, permanent mistakes they’ll slap on their bodies as a testament to their undying love!

As if were any of her business, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee warns that Jesse will cheat, as if that wasn’t so much of a given, he’ll probably put it in his vows. In a video message to RadarOnline, McGee admonishes “I was with Jesse during his marriage—the guy’s not faithful, he doesn’t have a faithful bone in his body!” The only reason we suspect this might not be true is that Kat seems to be exactly the type of women Jesse is draw too. Looks like he found the exact tattoo-to-skin ratio he likes, which seems to be somewhere around 12-to-1.