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Samantha ‘Strong, Fabulous’ After Split With Lindsay


Lindsay Lohan made a FunnyorDie video and Samantha Ronson is also keeping busy post-breakup.

“She’s always working,” Sam’s mom, Ann Dexter-Jones said.”Sam is a strong, fabulous girl…but I think it is good that I don’t comment on Lindsay.”

Although Lindsay said in a recent interview that she is in “absolute hell” and “so alone” since the celesbians took a break, Sam is doing just fine.

“She’s doing great,” her mom said. “She’s really, really well.” [Photo: Getty Images]


Still Friends!


When people break up and say, “Let’s be friends,” it usually doesn’t work out. Not so with Drew Barrymore, who brought along ex Justin Long to the Grey Gardens premiere in New York City last night.

“Justin’s here. He’s my friend, he’s supporting. I’m so glad he’s here. He’s like one of my best friends and I love him and I also think he’s the funniest dude on the planet,” she said last night.

Check out our gallery of the Grey Gardens premiere! [Source: E! Online; Photo: Getty Images]

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Hef Wants Holly Madison To Find Love Again


Although they went through a big public split last year, Hugh Hefner still cares about his three Girls Next Door, Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt, and dishes out some advice to his three former girlfriends.

On Holly and her breakup from magician Criss Angel: “My conviction has always been, being a romantic, that the best solution for a failed romance is a new romance”

On Bridget and her new beau, Nick Carpenter: “The major problem for her, quite frankly, is that she’s not here alot. She’s got this wonderful dream job for the Travel Channel, she’s wandering the globe. We’ll see how that plays out, whether she’s really contemplating making this more serious.”

On bride-to-be Kendra Wilkinson: “I’ve been very lucky in romance, but not expert in marriage (two divorces). They are two separate things. What happens traditionally in a marriage is, of course, a marriage turns into parenthood and the affection is kind of transferred to the children. She picked very well, I think he adores her, I think she really loves him. What they have to get over is they come from very different backgrounds. If love conquers all, it’ll conquer them.” [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]

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Sam Ronson And Benji Madden Share Their Pain


Benji Madden and Sam Ronson took a coffee trip in L.A., but what were they talking about? Scandalist takes a guess …

Sam Ronson: “Benji, man, I need your advice. Women!”

Benji Madden: “I hear you. It’s tough.”

SR: “I mean, I thought Lindsay had changed. But that spray-tan line did it for me. I just couldn’t feel the same after that.”

BM: “Man, I know. When Paris found a BFF in the US, that was cool. But then she went to Britain to do it, too! It just really took away the magic.”

SR: “But what can I do now? She’s crying to the tabloids and I look cold.”

BM: “Nah, dude, just ride it out. She’ll ruin it for herself soon enough.”

SR: “You’re so wise, Benji.”

BM: “Thanks. I am 30 now. Hey, is this cap on at the right angle?” [Photo: Splash News Online]


Lindsay ‘In Absolute Hell’ After Breaking Up With Samantha


Lindsay Lohan‘s tumultuous breakup with Samantha Ronson has reportedly left the starlet living in an “absolute hell.” Lilo sat down for an exclusive interview in Us Weekly where she describes her “humiliating” weekend showdown with the Ronson family, who banned her from a family party.

Lindsay says that “everyone has turned on her,” including former pal Nicole Richie who Lindsay says walked by her and said “Uck” and Drea De Matteo who said, “Come at me, bitch,” when Lohan was trying to get into the party.

Although a source claims that Samantha has tried to break up with Lindsay repeatedly but “Lindsay threatens to kill herself – she cares about her but wants out, “Lindsay dismisses the suicide rumors but says she is “just really hurt” and describes the whole situation as “sick.”

In related Lilo/Sam drama, reports that Samantha was involved in trying to obtain a restraining order were reportedly false. Samantha’s family, however, inquired about a restraining order against Lindsay.

“Samantha has no plan to request a restraining order. There is no basis for one,” a source says. [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Samantha Seeks Restraining Order, Lindsay ‘Focusing On Business’


The break-up between Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan is, as expected, filled with drama, crying, and broken windows.

Samantha Ronson’s mother and sister asked Beverly Hills police how they could obtain a restraining order three days after Lindsay was banned from a Ronson family event.

“They were directed to the court to get a restraining order,” Beverly Hills Sgt. Nutall said.

Three weeks ago a window was broken at Samantha’s house after a fight between the two lovers.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has reportedly been hanging with her family to help her mend her broken heart.

“Is she upset? Yes. Has it been a rough week? Yes. But her family’s around her and she’s just focusing on business right now,” a source says. And by business, they are referring to her spray tan line Sevin Nyne.

“The important thing is that she’s taking space and time to breathe. That’s what her family is here to do – help make sure she takes care of herself.”

Although Samantha reportedly changed the locks on her home, the source says that she and Lindsay “are totally communicating. What’s going to happen? Who knows?” [Source: People, Us; Photo: Getty Images]


Hef, Bridget And Kendra Root For Holly On DWTS

When they said they were always going to be friends, these four really meant it. Holly Madison has a very big cheering section as she competes on Dancing With The Stars – it includes her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson. In fact, it was Hef who told his ex about her last minute role on DWTS.

“I called her and gave her the news on Monday,” Hef said. “She had a week to prepare, less than a week.”

Holly’s other GND co-stars Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt are also supporting Holly.

Bridget said, “I know she has tenacity. I know she’ll stick with it and give it her all.”

Kendra added that she was “jealous” of Holly’s stint on DWTS, and thinks that because Holly is a “quick learner,” she will bring a lot to the table.

Hef also got a little philosophical about how their relationship has turned out. “It’s remarkable when you think about, the beginning of that relationship with all three of the girls and the beginning of the television show and then to have it all come to with everyone I’m so proud of them.” Hef also said he voted for Holly “many times.” Check out our gallery of all that Hef and the girls have been through over the years! [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]

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Travis Barker And Shanna Moakler Getting Married Again

Here we go again! Just a year ago their divorce was being finalized but now Shanna Moakler says she and Travis Barker are tying the knot again.

“We would like to renew our vows and have another wedding,” Shanna says. “It’s not so much about the wedding but about having a celebration of each other and getting through all the crazy things we’ve been through.”

Last September Travis and pal DJ AM survived a fatal plane crash that left four dead. Shanna was spotted at the hospital at Travis’ side and the couple has been close ever since.

“When you almost lose a loved one, it makes you appreciate things you took for granted,” Shanna says. [Photo: Getty Images]


Hef Approves Of Bridget’s New Man

Bridget Marquardt‘s new flame Nick Carpenter has gotten the stamp of approval from all the important people in her life, including her family and ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner.

“Hef said that Nick’s a really nice guy, and that as long as I wanted, he’s welcome at the mansion anytime I’m there, and at all the parties and events,” Bridget says.

Nick has also gotten a thumbs up from Bridget’s family. “He’s met all of my family,” she says. “My mom, stepdad, and brother all came to LA. And we all went out to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. And then my real dad was at the mansion on the 4th of July, and Nick was actually there, but it was before we were dating,” Bridget shares.

Although her former GND co-star Kendra Wilkinson is getting ready to walk down the aisle, Bridget says she and Nick are far from that talk. “No, not engaged – not even talking about that kind of stuff!” she says. [Source: People; Photo:Splash News Online]

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