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Holly Madison To Compete On Dancing With The Stars

Although she had been advised to keep her appearance under wraps until her role on Dancing With the Stars was confirmed, Holly Madison has let the cat out of the bag and her Girls Next Door co-star Bridget Marquardt has revealed that Holly will indeed be on the hit ABC reality show.

“I’m so excited for her,” Bridget said. “She’s wanted to do it for so long, it just never worked with her schedule and Hef was always like, ‘I don’t want you to do that,’ and now it’s her time, so I’m really happy for her.”

Holly will be replacing singer Jewel, who revealed that tendonitis in her knee could force her to not compete. The first episode of Dancing With the Stars airs Monday, March 9th.

Although Bridget will surely make an appearance in the audience to root for her GND co-star, don’t expect Holly to bring a man along for moral support. After splitting with magician Criss Angel last week, Holly insisted, “I’m never dating anybody again.

It’s been an exciting year for Holly so far. Check out our gallery of how Holly got from one of Hef’s seven girlfriends to competing on Dancing With the Stars. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Holly Madison: I Don’t Need A Man

A week after her split from illusionist Criss Angel, Holly Madison is swearing off men.

“I don’t need a man. I’m really happy with myself and being with my friends,” she said.

Holly refuses to talk about details behind her split with her magician beau, and says she is now “focusing on forwarding my career. I’m working on producing my own shows. Girls Next Door was a great place to start but it was somebody else’s show. I’m just ready to move on,” she declares.

How long will Hugh Hefner‘s ex swear off men?

“I’m never dating anybody again,” she said. [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


The Girls Next Door: Through The Years

Sunday’s final episode of Girls Next Door was quite a tear-jerker. Kendra Wilkinson told Hef and the girls that she would be moving out of the mansion to pursue her relationship with Hank Baskett. Bridget Marquardt left for four months to film her Travel Channel show. Hef sensed that Holly was unhappy, as she had always wanted marriage and children, and as Hef said, “That’s just not in the cards.”

After Hef had wiped his tears away, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon showed up wearing bright smiles and tight white tops, which made Mr. Playboy smile ear to ear and laugh, “I guess I’m back in the game!”

From the first episode of Girls Next Door in 2005 to going their separate ways, Holly, Kendra, Bridget, and Hef have been through a lot together. Check out our gallery of the Girls Next Door through the years.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jayde Nicole And Brody Jenner Still Together

Despite a report in Star Magazine that Bromance star Brody Jenner and Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole have split, Jayde exclusively tells Scandalist that the rumors are completely false.

Star reported that “Jayde parties way too much and Brody couldn’t deal with it any longer,” and even claimed that Jayde passed out at club MyHouse in Hollywood on Friday night and Brody had to carry her out.

“I did not pass out in a club and me and Brody are still together and happier than ever,” Jayde says.

Looks like this relationship is set in stone – or at least in ink: The couple got matching tattoos in December and were spotted looking happy in Hawaii over Oscars weekend. Check out our gallery of the happy couple. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Jennifer Aniston Wants To Be A Bond Girl

When she’s not noshing on dog bones to promote Marley & Me, Jennifer Aniston dreams of one day being a Bond Girl.

“I get offered funny, pretty, quirky roles,” Jennifer tells Elle UK. “I’d love to do an action movie. James Bond! Glamour! Daniel Craig! Sh*tloads of fun!”

Jen also reveals that she denies herself in order to keep her bikini body in shape. “I know that if I eat nothing but burgers and chips, I’m not going to be hired for the parts I normally would,” she says.

One thing she reportedly doesn’t obsess about, however, is her divorce from Brad Pitt. “No matter what I say, things will always be taken out of context and misinterpreted, will always be turned around to make it seem as though I won’t let something go, or that I keep talking about it over and over,” she insists.

“I don’t owe anybody anything,” she says. “I don’t owe anybody my side of the story. There are no sides! There is no bad guy and there is no good guy. There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story. It’s just not the case.”

Rats! It’s so much more exciting to picture Jen puncturing a voodoo doll of Angelina Jolie and screaming, “That was very uncool!”

Jen may say no to burgers and chips but we say “Yes!” to this hot gallery of John Mayer‘s girlfriend in her bikini. [Source: Elle UK; Photo: Getty Images]

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Madonna and Jesus Get Their Grub On

Madonna and her Brazilian model pal Jesus Luz headed out in the New York snow to grab some dinner last night. These two have been spending quite a lot of time together. Over the weekend, Madonna, 22-year-old Jesus, and Madonna’s children David Banda and Lourdes went to the Kabbalah Center together.

Jesus’ mother recently told the New York Post that she believed Madonna had kidnapped her son and is controlling his every move. A source close to Madonna, however, says that “she is seeing where it goes. She loves showing her ex that she can still get the hottest, youngest thing out there.”

Guy Ritchie Who???

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Watch Kendra And Hef Break Up

We all know that Kendra Wilkinson has moved on from the Playboy Mansion and is planning her wedding to NFL star Hank Baskett, but how did the breakup with her famous ex Hugh Hefner all go down? In this clip from Sunday’s Girls Next Door finale, watch Kendra tell Hef that she has met someone else and she feels “like I want to try to work things out with him.”

Hef is quite the understanding gentleman, telling Kendra, “I knew we were getting to that place.” [Source: Us Magazine]


Kendra Hopes Holly Finds What She’s Looking For

Although Holly Madison and Criss Angel called it quits, at least Holly has plenty of supportive girlfriends to get through the rough time. Fellow Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson offered Holly a shoulder to cry on on the heels of the breakup of her four month romance.

Holly “has so much love to give someone,” Kendra said. “I hope that she finds someone to give her that love back.”

“I hope she stays happy and strong and I hope she finds someone that loves her for who she is – for her heart,” says Kendra.

Kendra, who is starring in her own GND spin-off reality show called Kendra and is set to tie the knot with fiance Hank Baskett in June, says that Holly deserves a guy who “treats her well.” [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Holly Madison And Criss Angel Break Up

It seemed like it was going magically well, but almost as quickly as it began, Holly Madison and Criss Angel‘s relationship has gone up in smoke.

“Criss and Holly are no longer a couple. They remain very close friends and wish each other the very best,” a rep for Criss said.

In December, Holly and Criss threw a joint birthday party in Las Vegas and just last month the couple looked happy and cozy in Cabo San Lucas.

A source reveals that Holly did not want to spend 100% of her time in Las Vegas with Criss, and wanted to pursue her career and goals. “It was a tough decision for her to make and come back to LA and pursue her career. She still has very intense feelings for him,” the source says.

While Holly is back in LA, Criss continues to perform his show Criss Angel Believe at the Luxor five nights a week. Check out our gallery of Holly and Criss in happier times. [Source: E! Online; Photo: Getty Images]

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Kendra ‘Nervous’ About Her Wedding Dress

Kendra Wilkinson‘s big day is coming up and the Girl Next Door is only nervous about one thing – her wedding dress!

“My dress- that’s the only thing I’m nervous about!” Kendra said. “I designed every piece of it!”

Kendra and fiance Hank Baskett did some pre-Oscar shopping when they stopped by the Silver Spoon Oscar House to pick up some goodies, like a “No paparazzi” t-shirt. Kendra is currently filming her new reality show, Kendra, which follows her transition from the Mansion to newlywed life.

One of the biggest differences? “All the help! I miss the help. I’m doing everything on my own, so it’s kind of crazy.” [Source: E!Online; Photo:]

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