Breaking Bad

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Take A Seat Captain America! The Falcon’s More Our Type + More Sidekicks That Outshine Heroes

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We’re all guilty of it… We want to root for the hero, the protagonist, the leader, but sometimes their sassy sidekicks win our hearts. While the heroes are often brooding, deep and complicated souls, their sidekicks win us over in lightening the mood and getting away with a lot more. So much more fun!

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What Were This Year’s Most Memorable Television Shows?

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During the year, we’ve all spent countless hours in front of the TV, consuming the best shows that Hollywood has to offer. So what did we choose as the best television shows of 2013?

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Did You Miss Michelle Buteau Motorboating Walt Jr. On Best Week Ever? You Can Check It Out Here!

Hey there! Are you still reeling from how Breaking Bad ended? Are you pouring trying to figure out if Miley Cyrus is a marketing genius or a complete wreck? Did you somehow miss last week’s amazing episode of Best Week Ever with guests like Ron Taffer from Bar Rescue and RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad? You can stop your fretting, because we’ve got the full episode right here. And we don’t want to brag, but it might be the best Best Week Ever ever.

Okay, we do want to brag. Bragging is our thing.

Don’t forget to tune into an all new Best Week Ever this Friday, October 4 at 10/9 C! SET YOUR DVR!

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Can Michelle Buteau Convince Breaking Bad‘s RJ Mitte To Spoil The Series Finale?

I think the clock is slow! Whenever we take a glance at the time, it seems like we still have AGES until Sunday night’s Breaking Bad series finale airs (for the record, as of this writing, it is 81 hours and 46 minutes away!). Best Week Ever‘s own Michelle Buteau is feeling the same way, but unlike us, she’s got direct access to RJ Mitte, who plays Walt Jr., a.k.a. Flynn on the show. In an attempt to find out how the series ends, she pulls out ALL the stops in order to get Walt Jr. to spill the beans. Can she do it? Watch the clip above, and tune in to a brand-new episode of Best Week Ever this Friday night at 10 pm ET to find out!