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Did You Miss Michelle Buteau Motorboating Walt Jr. On Best Week Ever? You Can Check It Out Here!

Hey there! Are you still reeling from how Breaking Bad ended? Are you pouring trying to figure out if Miley Cyrus is a marketing genius or a complete wreck? Did you somehow miss last week’s amazing episode of Best Week Ever with guests like Ron Taffer from Bar Rescue and RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad? You can stop your fretting, because we’ve got the full episode right here. And we don’t want to brag, but it might be the best Best Week Ever ever.

Okay, we do want to brag. Bragging is our thing.

Don’t forget to tune into an all new Best Week Ever this Friday, October 4 at 10/9 C! SET YOUR DVR!

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Can Michelle Buteau Convince Breaking Bad‘s RJ Mitte To Spoil The Series Finale?

I think the clock is slow! Whenever we take a glance at the time, it seems like we still have AGES until Sunday night’s Breaking Bad series finale airs (for the record, as of this writing, it is 81 hours and 46 minutes away!). Best Week Ever‘s own Michelle Buteau is feeling the same way, but unlike us, she’s got direct access to RJ Mitte, who plays Walt Jr., a.k.a. Flynn on the show. In an attempt to find out how the series ends, she pulls out ALL the stops in order to get Walt Jr. to spill the beans. Can she do it? Watch the clip above, and tune in to a brand-new episode of Best Week Ever this Friday night at 10 pm ET to find out!

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Emmys Exclusive: John Oliver Says What 80 Percent Of Attendees Are Thinking

It has not been an easy six weeks for Breaking Bad fans, what with the constant fear, stress-eating, and inability to concentrate on anything other than Walter White’s impending downfall come Sunday nights. Scheduling the Emmys during the penultimate episode was a bold move by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, as much of the show’s audience (and attendees) had Heisenberg’s blue on the brain. “I’m not saying I would rather be at home watching Breaking Bad, because it would be impolite, but I am implying it,” The Daily Show‘s John Oliver told us on the Emmys red carpet Sunday night.

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Which Emmy Nominees Got Nude — Without All The Sex?

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With a provocative golden age of television upon us, we’ve gotten used to seeing steamy sex scenes on the small screen. But as showrunners continue to push the envelope, they’re giving us more glimpses into characters’ experiences with nudity that don’t necessarily involve coitus.

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Emmy GIF Booth: TV’s Most Dramatic Actors Caught Having Fun


Don Draper and Walter White are serious men who do serious things with a lot of serious attention. Everything they do is so intense that you forget they are only characters. It even becomes hard to separate the characters from the actors who play them. But we managed to find a few moments when the 2013 Primetime Emmy nominees for outstanding acting in a dramatic role are cutting loose and having fun – you know. reminding us that they are people too.

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In Memoriam: Heartbreaking Television Losses From The 2012-13 Season


Each year the Emmy Awards pay tribute to the finest acting that graced the small screen that season. But let’s not forget: it’s also home to the time-honored tradition known as the TV Death Montage. Yes, there is no better way to honor recently deceased television legends than to throw together a sappy video project in iMovie. It’s great that we take a moment to mourn these great actors, actresses and industry titans, but what about all of the OTHER stuff we lost on television this season? (SPOILERS AHEAD)

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Which Of These Emmy-Nominated Dramas Is The Worst Place To Live?


Drug-riddled exurbia, corrupt capital cities, countries threatened by terrorism, societies divided by race and class — in order to be nominated for the Outstanding Drama Emmy, it seems, your show has got to be set in someplace pretty bleak. Whether it’s Game of Thrones‘ Westeros or House of Cards‘ Beltway, these all seem like terrible places in which to live, so of course they’re great hotbeds of juicy drama. While we wait for the Academy to decide which show is the best, we thought we’d ask you: Which show’s setting is the absolute worst? We’ll break it down for you, in our own descending order of terribleness. Then it’s your turn to vote!
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Emmys 2013: Who’s The Bigger Badass? The Lead Actor In A Drama Race Gets Evil


The 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards are right around the corner, and the Lead Actor in a Drama category is a battle between evil, and, well, evil. There are six contenders overall, but the top three, as far as VH1 is concerned, have made a name for themselves based on their ruthless personalities and immoral behavior. From the safety of our living rooms it’s all entertainment, but who would you really want to avoid running into in a dark alley?

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