Breaking Dawn: Part 2

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Donald Trump Says Kristen Stewart Cheated On Robert Pattinson “Like A Dog,” Warns Against Reunion

Donald Trump warns Robert Pattinson against back with Kristen Stewart

In case you were wondering how Donald Trump felt about the Robsten reunion, the ever-outgoing mogul took to Twitter to make his feelings known. Trump issued a strong warning to Robert Pattinson against getting back together with former girlfriend and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart after she was caught cheating on him with her Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders back in July. Although he was probably just trying to be helpful, the 66-year-old dispensed the advice in his own uniquely abrasive way. Would you expect any less from The Trump?

“Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart,” he tweeted last night, after reports circulated that Rob and Kristen were seen back together in LA. “She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again — just watch. He can do much better!” So we guess he’s Team Edward? Predictably, Trump faced a pretty epic twitter backlash from Robsten loving Twi-Hards,  but still he remained defiant. Having zillions of dollars can do that to you, we guess. “Lots of response to my Pattinson/Kristen Stewart reunion,” he wrote in a follow up tweet. “She will cheat again–100 certain–am I ever wrong?” To answer that question, we’d like to present you with this picture of Trump’s hair. If that’s not wrong, we don’t know what is.

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VH1 Hits Comic-Con: A GIF-Happy Recap Of Our 11 Favorite Moments

As our Comic-Con coverage wraps up and our intrepid reporters/fangirls Kate Spencer and Sabrina Rojas Weiss take a much-deserved nap, we’d like to take a minute to recap our very favorite interviews and press conferences via easily-consumable and definitely-hypotizing GIFs. From Aaron Paul‘s teeth, to Kristen Stewart digging a hole for herself, to our one and only Khaleesi, the star-filled convention was chock full of hilarious and heartthrobbing moments.

11. Rob Zombie & Kristen Stewart: BFFs (Well, Kind Of)

Leave it to Professional KStew Fangirl Kate to get Rob Zombie to chat about his pal Kristen Stewart.

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Rob And Kristen Get Quotable – Their 10 Best Moments From The Breaking Dawn Press Conference

Cheese-ball alert: today was a special day in the Twilight fandom. The cast kicked off Breaking Dawn press here at Comic-Con, and it was obvious they are all feeling emotional about it being the beginning of the end. As a Twilight fan and reporter I felt it too – the mix of raw excitement for the final film and deep sadness that after so much time together, this is it. I sat in for both press panels before the Hall H madness, and was impressed by the cast’s energy. Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz were being goofballs, Nikki Reed was sweet and sensitive, Ashley Greene was poised and professional and Liz Reaser did some amazing dance movies (imitating Michael Sheen on-set). Taylor Lautner often gets overlooked, but I love his attitude so much — he’s always ready to goof around with Rob and Kristen but is a class act to the core. Mackenzie Foy is as adorable as she seems, and she handled the attention like a pro.

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