Usher’s Wife In Shock Over Divorce

Usher‘s wife, Tameka Foster, claims she is shocked by her husband’s motion to file for divorce. In the Too Much Information department, Raymond says that she believed their marriage was on solid ground because the two of them had been “intimately together as husband and wife as recently as June 6.” Thanks for that.

Usher filed for divorce on June 12, citing that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.” In 2007, Usher called off their wedding in the first place, only to change his mind a week later, so clearly he’s a man with reservations about the relationship. The couple was married in August of that year and have two sons. [Source: USA Today; Photo: WireImage]


Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek Divorce


It’s never a huge shock to hear that a Hollywood couple is divorcing, but sometimes it’s still a bummer to hear that a couple that seems so right for each other decides to call it quits. The West Wing star Bradley Whitford and wife Jane Kaczmarek, star of Malcolm in the Middle, have announced their divorce after 16 years of marriage.

Both stars have stayed fairly under the radar and led drama-free lives (although we can never forgive Whitford’s character in Adventures In Babysitting for standing up Elizabeth Shue, a.k.a. Chris Parker, thus causing her to have quite the tumultuous evening in downtown Chicago with three nerdy kids), and 16 years of marriage is an eternity by Hollywood standards, which makes the split a bit of a shock. The couple was married in 1992 and have three children. [Source: Boston Herald; Photo: Getty Images]


Morgan Freeman Accused Of Affair With Step-Granddaughter

Beloved actor Morgan Freeman could see a massive decline in his popularity. The National Enquirer has dropped a bombshell of an exclusive, claiming that the 72-year-old Academy Award-winning actor has been having a decade-long affair with E’Dena Hines —- his step-granddaughter. According to the paper, the alleged affair began when Hines was a teen and is part of the reason that both his marriage to wife Myrna and relationship with mistress Mary Joyce Hays (a former schoolteacher) is ending. Pictured above: E’Dena accompanies grandpa Morgan to last year’s premiere of The Dark Knight. Yikes.


Daddy, What’s Mommy Doing?


OK, we know it’s a cheap gag, and that Katie Price — who seems to be 100% reverting to her former slutty alter-ego of Jordan — isn’t looking after the kids while they’re with dad Peter Andre in Cyprus. But FFS woman, is this really OK for your children to see? Katie’s been ripping up the party scene in Ibiza while her three kids are away, and what with the porn-style posing on the beach, dancing on tables and getting paralytic in clubs and allegedly threatening to “cut” some woman’s face , it’s as if the last few years as a devoted mom and businesswoman haven’t even happened. At the moment, the winner of the PR battle is a shoo-in. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Single Katie Price Storms Ibiza In Her Bikini


When a breakup knocks a celebrity down, they do not stand right back up. First, they go to some faraway tropical paradise to lick their wounds. Take Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan, for example. Amy fled to St. Lucia after her Blake Incarcerated allegedly bumped nasties with a German model and Lindsay hit Hawaii after getting dumped by Samantha Ronson. (Okay, some celebs may never stand back up).

Now it’s Katie Price‘s turn. Pictures have surfaced of the model/entrepreneur showing off her voluptuousness on the party island of Ibiza a month after hubby Peter Andre filed for divorce. Currently engaged in a PR battle (she’s been dubbed “callous” and “cold” by the British press), she might want to steer clear of booze and men — at least for another month or so. Getting called a “tramp” is the last thing she needs.

Insane factoid of the day: Both Katie and Peter will have their own reality TV shows chronicling their divorce. What?! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Christina Ricci Calls Off Engagement


Did she just get sick of having to stand on a crate to smooch her man?

Christina Ricci has called off her engagement to comedian Owen Benjamin, says a report.

“Owen had a birthday party this past Sunday, and everything seemed fine. Sometime after, they got into a fight and decided to reevaluate things,” a source reveals.

Reportedly there are no hard feelings and the couple still “talk almost every day.”

The couple just got engaged in March. That was quick! [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]


Katie Price Gets Over Split With Catwalk Debut


Katie Price said she wasn’t going to “sit around crying” following her split from Peter Andre, and um, she wasn’t joking. Firstly announcing she’s going to sue lots of “newspapers and mags” when she returns from the Maldives later today (hmmm, talk about biting the hand that feeds you) it’s also been announced that she is going to make her catwalk debut.

Publicity-shy Katie — well, she did ask the press to “respect her privacy” — is going to walk down the runway at Britain’s annual Clothes Show Live next Friday, in order to promote her horse range KP Equestrian. Business as usual, then! [Photo: Getty Images]


Katie Price Hires Macca’s Divorce Lawyer

Whoah. Katie Price means business in her split from Peter Andre. The be-boobed one has reportedly hired Paul McCartney’s top divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton to protect her assets if they head to court.  Fiona famously repped the former Beatle during his messy breakup from Heather Mills and received a jug of water over her head when she managed to keep the majority of Macca’s fortune intact from the lunatic high-spirited Heather.

Elsewhere, the gossip mags hit stands in Britain today and are predictably packed with lurid stories about the truth behind their split — from Katie reportedly confirming it was all over a year ago, to Pete compiling evidence about her parenting skills to try and win custody of their two children. Depressing stuff indeed. Maybe we do all wish it was a publicity stunt, if only for those poor kids.


Is Katie Price Losing It?


Cynics in the UK claimed that Peter Andre and Katie Price‘s split was a publicity stunt — and that within a few weeks they’d be reconciled, with the inevitable lucrative magazine deals lined up to add to their fortune. But the way things are going, we can’t see that happening! While Pete is back with his family in Cyprus, Katie is said to have fled with two of her children (leaving her disabled son Harvey at home) to the Maldives — in the same villa where she and Pete spent their honeymoon.

One report says she is “bombarding Pete” with text messages promising to sleep with him again after a claim she refused sex for four months. She’s also taken the drastic (and sudden) step of sacking her management company Can Associates, who transformed her public image from tarty topless model into uber-famous sassy business woman, and who can probably be credited with helping her amass her rumored $50 million fortune. Doesn’t sound like the actions of a woman who’s got it all under control to us. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Cameron Diaz And Paul Sculfor Are Over


Cameron Diaz and her British model boyfriend Paul Sculfor have called it quits, according to a new report. Grazia magazine claims that Cam has ditched Paul after dating for a year and realizing their lives were too incompatible. “Cam thought she could settle in England but she missed her own life too much…Paul is not too enamored by L.A. and wants to be where his friends are,” a friend of the couple says.

Boo. We liked the fact Paul’n’Cam seemed to have found a cool relationship out of the messiest four-way in Hollywood (Paul was Jennifer Anistons ex and Cam was John Mayer‘s — and of course, they ended up together too, and we all know how well that went). Still, both Cameron and Paul were spotted eyeing up hot strangers at bars last week, according to the mag, so it doesn’t seem too traumatic for either of them. Next! [Photo: Splash News Online]