Bret Lockett


Kim Kardashian Cover Sales Slipping, People Worried About $1m Payday?

Paris Hilton isn’t the only reality star dealing with some consumer disinterest. Page Six says the people over at People are nervous about the $1 million they allegedly paid for exclusive rights to cover Kim Kardashian’s wedding after her engagement photos—which cost $300,000—failed to fly off the shelves. It’s too bad footballer Bret Lockett admitted he never met Kim despite his claims that they “hooked up”…People could use any controversy they can get! Maybe they even get the million back if Kim and Kris Humphries call everything off.

People and Kim deny that any deal has been made for the wedding photos, and if that’s true, the ratings of last night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiere may decide how much Kim can actually expect to pull in for exclusive pics of the festivities. But even if the ratings slip, you can guarantee the Kardashian girls won’t just blame technical difficulties like Paris did. These women aren’t afraid to work for their money…as long as it doesn’t actually mean being good at anything. How about a pre-honeymoon sex tape, guys?

[Photo: Getty Images]