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Remember Natina Reed, Late Bring It On Clover And Blaque Singer, With These Videos

Natina Reed, Bring It On star and member of R&B group Blaque, was struck and killed by a car on Saturday

We struggled with how to celebrate Gabrielle Union’s 40th birthday today at the same time as the actress and the rest of the world mourns the loss of her Bring It On co-star and member of the R&B group Blaque Natina Reed. Tragically, it would have also been Natina’s 33rd birthday yesterday, the day after she was struck and killed by a car while walking in Atlanta, E! reports. Union was among many fans and friends who marked her loss on Twitter over the weekend.

But now we want to celebrate Natina the only way we know how — by revisiting the Clovers’ awesome routines. Here’s what we gathered on the Web.

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Gabrielle Union Turns 40 Today, And These 40 Sexy Looks Prove She Still Brings It!

Gabrielle Union turns 40

On Friday were devastated to learn that rapper and Bring It On actress Natina Reed passed away in Georgia. The horrific news was made even more sad when we realized that it happened on the eve of former co-star Gabrielle Union’s birthday. So we’d like to send all sorts of good vibes and positive energy to her, as well as Reed’s loved ones and family.

When we told our friends that Gabrielle was turning 40th today, they all had the exact same reaction: “She’s 40!? Wait, that’s impossible!” The actress still brings it on with timeless looks and a killer bod that just gets better as the years go by. Seriously, the lady hasn’t aged a day since Clinton was in office! Obviously in our minds she’ll always be our 90s teen movie queen, with memorable parts in classics like She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, and (of course) Bring It On. But she’s gracefully graduated from the high school roles in the last few years, with parts in Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, and most recently in Think Like A Man.

She may have hit a rough patch in the mid-2000s when her marriage to NBA star Chris Howard dissolved, but now she’s found love yet again with basketballer Dwyane Wade. So in honor of her turning the big 4-0, let’s take a look back at Gabrielle’s 40 hottest red carpet styles (and of course) her most bangin’ bikinis. We’ll prove that she hasn’t aged a dang day. Happy birthday Gabrielle!

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Pitch Perfect, Butter Join Our 15 Greatest Competition Movies Of All Time

Best in Show, Drumline, Bring It On, The Hunger Games

The mark of a great competition movie is if you go into the theater either despising or not at all caring about the sport/art/craft in question and you leave promising yourself to buy tickets to the next real-life event in your area. That happened to me with Best in Show 12 years ago — I have been to at least five dog shows since then — and now I’m seriously looking into the next collegiate a cappella showdown after seeing Pitch Perfect. Will I feel the same way about Butter? We’ll see. Anyway, on the occasion of not one but two movies featuring weird but bizarrely obsessive niche contests opening this weekend, we thought we’d look back at some other faves of the genre. Some are high quality films — like Drumline, The Hunger Games and Glengarry Glen Ross. Others are pure camp — Bring It On, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Strictly Ballroom. And a few are great if you fast forward to the preparation montages and the contests/battles themselves — Breakin’, Stomp the Yard, Step Up 2 the Streets. What’s your favorite? Check out the gallery and weigh in!

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