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Britney Spears’ Birthday Presents: A Fantasy Gift Guide

Britney, we know we’ve been equal parts celebrating your birthday (and your 30 hottest looks and hair-volution) and taking the piss out of you (and your 30 worst looks and your cheese-tastic perfume commercials). But it’s all meant with love. To show you how much you mean to us, here is a list of all the things we’re going to fantasy buy you for your 30th b-day.

First, we asked our friends at, ’cause we thought they’d know what to get the woman who has everything: “A pair of Rollasole flats… just in case she’s ever stranded barefoot in a public restroom again,” said the site’s Obsessed blogger Suzy Byrne. She also decided that mere reality wouldn’t hold her back from the perfect gift: “Our super-duper new invention: the Glamovision Goggles! Brit-Brit can just slip on these superpowered shades when the paparazzi are around and — poof — she has the power to look perfect in every picture they take.”

And as a third gift, because Brit’s just that special, Suzy’s going to add one more present to the pile. “Back in 2008 when we interviewed her, she said she likes to stay home and read Danielle Steel novels, so we’d give her the complete collection, and throw in all the DVDs too.”
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Britney Spears Sells Smells: A Fragrance Commercial Retrospective

Today is Britney Spears’ 30th birthday! Rather than curling up in the fetal position and wondering where our youth went, we’re celebrating by reviewing the odd and amazing commercials for some of her fragrances. While the ads may err on the ridiculous side, they sell a s—ton of scents. According to trusty ol’ Wikipedia, her first perfume, Curious, raked in $30 million in sales during the first three months it was on the market. Below, we break down all the weirdest and WTF-est moments from her the commercials for her three main fragrances: Curious, Fantasy and Radiance. (Girlfriend’s got nine total. Yes, nine.) Let’s get this perfume party started…

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Britney Spears’ 30 Hottest Looks For Her 30th Birthday

We can’t believe it. We just can’t believe it. Britney Spears, the perpetual teen sensation, the girl burned into our brains as that sassy school girl who lit up TRL back in the day, the one who belted “Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman” is now very much a woman! That’s right, our beloved Britney turns the big 3-0 today. And she has packed enough into those three decades to last most people a lifetime. The iconic videos, the Mousketeers, the VMAs, the movies and of course the head-shaving; Britney has done it all, and in the process came to define pop culture for a generation. But let’s not forget all of the fabulous outfits she wore along the way! Sure she’s worn a few duds every now and again. But doesn’t everybody? So to celebrity Brit’s 30th birthday, we’ve compiled her 30 hottest, steamiest, sexiest looks of all time! Enjoy!

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Britney Spears’ 30 Worst Fashion Disasters

Britney Spears is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow, and in honor of her birth we decided to look back on her most insane, over-the-top and confounding fashion choices. The woman has never been boring, and we think that is an achievement worth celebrating. Even if it does sometimes get … out of hand. On a related note, we apologize ahead of time for any retinal scarring these photos might produce.

Based on the Britney Spears photos we turned up, we’re going to go ahead and say the years 1999 to 2004 were basically a wash, fashion-wise. Combine trends like metallics, fedoras, one-sleeved numbers, over-tanning and the lightest, softest denim known to man, and you get … well, we’ll let Britney show you.

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Britney Spears’ Hair-volution: Blonde To Bald And Back Again

It’s hard to believe that it has been 13 years since Britney Spears came into our lives. And yes, your math is correct, the not-that-innocent one turns 30 on Friday. Britney has always kept us on our toes when it comes to her look. Throughout the years we have seen her transform from a teenage pop tart to a genuine pop icon and mother of two. While her danceable music hasn’t changed drastically, one thing that Spears likes to experiment with is her hair. We always picture her with her signature locks (the long, flowing blond hair we coveted when we were younger), so we sometimes forget how many different hairstyles Britney has tried out. Who could forget her seriously sexy hair surrounded by that snake, the numerous hair colors in her music video for Toxic, and her ill-fated attempt at the Amber Rose look (well, back then we knew it as the Sinead O’Connor ‘do). Some styles were a nice change, some had us seriously worried. Even though she has changed her look countless times, she always seems to go back to her, um, roots. Check out Britney’s Hair-volution in the gallery below!

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