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Is Robert Pattinson BFF Tom Sturridge Dating Carey Mulligan? (We Hope So!)


If you’ve seen Robert Pattinson (photos), you’ve seen Tom Sturridge. The BFFs are attached at their bony Brit hips, but now there might be a reason for the pair to explore some time apart. Tom was spotted leaving Carey Mulligan‘s Best Western home away from home in Los Angeles with the actress (photo above) and wise web sleuths have noticed that they’ve already shared a t-shirt (taking one from the Robsten Secret Relationship Handbook, how cute!). So does this mean they’re actually an item?

According to Lainey Gossip, Carey’s ex Shia LeBeouf has moved on with another girl and is dragging her to papparazzi haunts to make Carey jealous. Carey, on the other hand, is desperate to get out of LA and back to London (can’t say we blame her) and has been spotted hanging out with Tom (er, TomStu) recently. No doubt his accent helps to cure her homesickness, and his cheekbones and bizarrely adorable fashion sense can’t hurt either! But it’s still unclear if they’re shacking up or just hanging out as friends.

It’s no secret we adore Tom – his weird hiking boots, the way he lurks around while Rob and Kristen make out – and he’s a talented dude to boot. Plus he and Carey kinda make the perfect alt-Brit couple, indie darlings with delicate features and precious smiles. Please let this relationship actually make it to the not-so-secretly-dating phase!

Because we’re a glutton for Tom, check out some pics of the Brit below. And tell us what you think of this new pairing – are they or aren’t they a couple? Is Tom an upgrade from Shia? Are Kristen and Carey destined to be BFFs?

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