Broken City

by (@hallekiefer)

Mark Wahlberg Reminds Us Why Our Moms Like Him So Much By Doing The Philly Weather Report

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

We’re starting to get a little jealous that Mark Wahlberg wants to say hi to our mothers all the time. In case we’d somehow forgotten that Marky Mark is adorable and hilarious in addition to being ripped (please watch the Pain And Gain trailer for more information regarding Mark Wahlberg’s gun show), the actor and his Broken City director Allen Hughes popped up on Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia to deliver the weather report today, i.e. charm the khakis off all the moms in the viewing area.

“We’re expecting 40- to 45-minute delays if you’re coming east bound on the 676 here,” Wahlberg explained in what can only be described as Chris Farley‘s “Da Bears” accent while flailing his arms in front of a green screen. “You’re going to have some serious problems. Why don’t you stop and get yourself a hoagie?” Did you know Mark Wahlberg has been with his wife since 2001 and they have four beautiful children together? He was basically engineered in a lab for moms to love him. On a related note, we’re assuming director Allen Hughes unleashed Mark Wahlberg onto the Philly airways because his staggering charm is the only way anyone will be seeing Broken City. Have any of you even heard of it until right this second? It’s coming out next Friday! Tell your mother to go see it. Also? Please tell her hello.