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Watch The Bromance: The 10 Most Adorable Pictures Of Jay-Z and Kanye

Things got even hotter at the already smokin’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night, as Kanye West surprised guests and angels alike by inviting “big bro” Jay-Z onstage to perform with him. Though friends and freestylin’ comrades for years, rap’s Glimmer Twins seem to have been almost inseparable since their Watch The Throne collaboration dropped over the summer. The two are like hip hop’s Butch and Sundance, and we can’t get enough of seeing them together. Sometimes it looks like Jay is giving ‘Yeezy some advice before prom, and other times they look like besties posing for Facebook pix, but the results are always adorable. So we’ve assembled the most “awwwww”-inspiring photos of history’s flyest bromance. Head on over to the gallery below to feel the love!

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All New Bromance: Jason 4 Russell


Russell Brand can seemingly bewitch any woman he wants into bed, and if he fancied it, it looks like men are on the cards, too. I Love You, Man star Jason Segel is a fan and showing the priapic comedian some man-love.

“I kind of copied his style for my performance in the film. Russell possesses a quality that I’ve never had – he’s very comfortable in his own skin,” he says. Meanwhile, Russell continues to fit in women at an impressive rate. Two girls dressed only in robes (see pics below) rushed out of his house yesterday to try and avoid getting a parking ticket on their car . Yeah, you couldn’t make it up. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Brody Jenner: I’ve Had 4 Girls At Once!

Dreamy-eyed Brody Jenner was on the Howard Stern show this morning promoting his show Bromance, and he spent most of the time dishing on the various ladies he’s seen naked. But really, what else is there for a bro to talk about? The Hills hunk revealed he’s had not two, not three, but four girls in bed at once! He only had sex with one of them (his girlfriend, natch), but he assured listeners that he kept the other three very entertained. Brody also spilled the boning beans on a few of your favorite Hollywood ladies. Read on for the dirty deets:

  • Nicole Richie was “good” in bed, but the Brodster didn’t want to dish too much because “she’s married now.” Wait, she is?!
  • Lindsay Lohan and Brody only made out once, while he was sandwiched between her and her best friend in a bed. Linds was apparently a “fun girl,” but not worthy of a Brody bone. Is that because the anonymous best friend in bed with them was possibly Samantha Ronson?
  • Jayde Nicole, Playboy‘s Playmate of the Year and Brody’s current gal pal, is his best lay ever. According to the man himself, Brody likes girls who are “a little wild” and have “multiple orgasms.” We know Jayde’s wild enough to get matching lip tattoos with her man – just imagine what she’s like in the sack!
  • Spencer Pratt – Okay, so they may not have slept together, but Brody still had a lot to say about the skeeviest blond in West Hollywood. The Hills villian “knows exactly what he’s doing,” insists his former BFF. Perhaps Heidi Montag would say the same about her hubby’s bedroom antics?