Brooke Shields

by (@missmuttoo)

Brooke Shields Pisses Off PETA


Brooke Shields. When you makes statements like the following, you do realize that the poop will hit the roof right? Ms Shields traipsed to Copenhagen for the Kopenhagen Fur’s workshop a couple of months ago to design her very own fur coat and said, “Wearing fur may be associated with something grandmotherish. Something you wear when you visit the opera, or if you are a rock star and wears it inside out. But I will advocate that both my generation and the younger generation can wear fur.” Because, it’s her “little girl’s dream”. Wait, she’s not done yet, “I will wear the fur garment when I follow my children to school, when I drink coffee and when I sleep.”

Well, in marches PETA to shatter that girly dream. In response, they blogged, “When I was a little girl, I dreamed about growing up to be a rock star. Or maybe a veterinarian. Or a roller derby queen. I didn’t dream about anally electrocuting animals on fur farms, but apparently Brooke Shields did.”

You didn’t think that’s all they’d say, did you? The PETA peeps continued with, “We understand that when some actors’ careers begin to fade, they’ll do just about anything to stay in the limelight, including appearing in eyelash-growing commercials and starring in short-lived TV shows. But Brooke, did you really want the world to remember you as a ‘fur pimp’ who stares agog at rows of animal skins?” Signed, sealed, delivered.

[Photo: Getty Images]