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From Emme Anthony To Willow Smith: We Look Back On The 30 Best Dressed Celeb Kids Of 2012

We know that all celeb kids are cute. Obviously. We have eyes with which to see. It’s just that some celeb kids have a preternaturally developed sense of style, while the rest of us are wearing old soccer t-shirts with grape juice stains. As adults. So while we are more than happy to squee over the most shabbily dressed bundle of joy, we’d like to give props to the Best of 2012 celeb kids and babies, from Moroccan Scott Cannon to Suri Cruise, who will be dictating what America will be wearing in five to ten years. Or right now. We already feel compelled to wear short pants, bow ties and pull-ups. Don’t tell us we can’t because we already stopped listening!

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David Beckham Works So He Can Pay For Baby Harper’s Insane Wardrobe

David Beckham certainly had his priorities straight when he signed his new two-year contract with the L.A. Galaxy. Yes, there’s the adoration of his fans and chance to excel at his sport. More important, however, is all the money Beckham’s making to pay for daughter Harper Seven’s teeny tiny couture baby clothes. “Her wardrobe is ridiculous,” the soccer star laughed during his recent Google Plus interview. “I’m glad I got a two-year contract.” We’re sure Harper will be too, just as soon as she stops trying to eat her own fat little hands.

Sure, most kids wouldn’t notice if their clothes were made out of old dish towels sewn together, but let’s be fair, those Chloe tights and other designer duds aren’t really for Harper. They’re for mom Victoria Beckham. Gloats David about his 6-month-old’s fashion sense, “Everything about her is very feminine, you know — the way she moves, the way she eats, the way she smiles, the way she looks.” True, though she also kind of looks like a little old man. Though what a fabulous old man at that! Check out some of the Beckham children’s expensive threads below, before they get covered in mashed carrots and wet Cheerios.

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