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Chelsea Peretti Explains Why So Few People Can Actually Pull Off the Fedora

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Chelsea Peretti is the latest comedian to take to Netflix with her standup special One of the Greats, which is already being called legendary. She recently visited VH1 to chat about Twitter haters, her favorite boss bitch on TV (House of CardsClaire Underwood), and the only man in history who can truly pull off a fedora. Read more…


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Terry Crews Shakes Up the Elevator with his Old Spice Voice


Have you ever had your whole day made by a stranger, and for the rest of that day, you weren’t able to stop smiling??? Well OMG that just happened to me today when I stalked the incomparable Terry Crews into the elevator!!! First of all, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has been one of my favorite actors ever since his hilarious break out role in White Chicks, and I’ve loved just about everything else he’s done (including his Old Spice campaign!). With a build like that, I’m sure nothing scares him. But I must say, my fangirl shriek did startle him a bit! I’m just glad he didn’t use his football skills to tackle me to the ground.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews Has A Word With Us About Being “Worst-Dressed”

Much has been said about the anonymity of the Internet making it much easier for us to insult people. Not much has been said about what to do when that anonymity is removed, and you’re met face to face with the 6-foot-3 former NFL star you poked a bit of fun at the week before. That’s why I’m relieved it was VH1 News’ Kate Spencer, not me, who met Terry Crews on the red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards last night, along with the rest of the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Because, it turns out, Crews was fully aware that we named him one of last week’s worst-dressed stars.
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