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Bunheads‘ Sutton Foster: How Do You Know That Face?

Sutton Foster in Flight of the Conchords, Bunheads and Thoroughly Modern Millie

ABC Family’s dance-school-drama-in-a-quirky-town-comedy Bunheads, which premiered last night, has been getting all sorts of great buzz. Much of that’s coming from devotees of Gilmore Girls and show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. Personally, I’m withholding judgment — I think it suffered from serious pilot-itis, in which all of the characters and plot lines are introduced in rapid fire within 40-something minutes and now we have to care about what happens to them just because, now, go! The dialogue swung between snappy and sappy so much, I had whiplash. Also, even though I had plenty of advanced notice that the show would be nothing like Sophie Flack’s novel Bunheads, about ballerinas in New York City, I was still hoping it would retain some of its dance-or-die flavor. And I was very distracted by the fact that I really thought “Hubbell” was going to freak out, say “You made me make a phony phone call!” go catatonic and fall into the pool. But star Sutton Foster shone through it all, making me promise to myself that I’ll give episode two a shot.

Foster is that actress you see in something and then start racking your brain to think, “Where do I know that face from?” We thought we’d help you out with that, because you could know her from all sorts of places. And now you will know her from all of them. I knew her as Coco, the sign-holding girl who almost broke up Bret and Jemaine on Flight of the Conchords.

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