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Katy Perry Has A Major Bikini Malfunction, Flashes A Whole Poolful Of People

Katy Perry Flashes Butt In Bikini Malfunction

What’s up with all the ass-tastic news today? We’ve already posted how Elton John pulled down his pants and mooned the paparazzi yesterday, while holidaying in St. Tropez. But that was completely intentional, for whatever reasons. Katy Perry¬†was also involved in a similar situation but her flashing was due to a bikini malfunction. The songstress was getting some downtime at San Dimas waterpark in California. And when you’re getting into something called “Raging Waters” you know it’s time to hang on to your swimsuit. Sadly, Katy’s poor bikini was no match for the strong currents, which ended up pulling down her bikini bottoms as she tried to surf. We’re talking completely down, as in the full moon. Luckily, she had people around her to give her a heads up on the major malfunction, but the damage was already done. Her behind was fully exposed to the entire area. It’s a really awesome behind though, if that’s any consolation. Not that she needs any, because Katy apparently just laughed the whole thing off and carried on with her day. Hopefully the lesson’s been learnt though. Next time, a little more spandex or lycra when you’re taking on choppy water.

There’s a video of what went down right after the jump. But be warned that it’s totally NSFW!¬† Read more…

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Adrianne Curry Cooks For Hubby Sans Pants


Adrianne Curry, former VH1 reality star, definitely knows how to keep hubby Christopher Knight happy! On Saturday Adrianne tweeted the photo above saying:

reason 298 why my husband loves me&my cooking.naughty naughty #f*ckwearingpants

Who wouldn’t love a practically naked winner of America’s Next Top Model cooking in their kitchen? Adrianne deleted her butt pic after she posted it, but luckily our observant friend over at The Superficial caught the action as it went down. The very NSFW, leafless version of the photo is in the gallery below, along with 45 other full moons. Thank you, Adrianne, for rounding out our butt cracks gallery…pun intended! [Photo: The Superficial]

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