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Pitch Perfect, Butter Join Our 15 Greatest Competition Movies Of All Time

Best in Show, Drumline, Bring It On, The Hunger Games

The mark of a great competition movie is if you go into the theater either despising or not at all caring about the sport/art/craft in question and you leave promising yourself to buy tickets to the next real-life event in your area. That happened to me with Best in Show 12 years ago — I have been to at least five dog shows since then — and now I’m seriously looking into the next collegiate a cappella showdown after seeing Pitch Perfect. Will I feel the same way about Butter? We’ll see. Anyway, on the occasion of not one but two movies featuring weird but bizarrely obsessive niche contests opening this weekend, we thought we’d look back at some other faves of the genre. Some are high quality films — like Drumline, The Hunger Games and Glengarry Glen Ross. Others are pure camp — Bring It On, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Strictly Ballroom. And a few are great if you fast forward to the preparation montages and the contests/battles themselves — Breakin’, Stomp the Yard, Step Up 2 the Streets. What’s your favorite? Check out the gallery and weigh in!

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Best-Dressed At Butter: Olivia Wilde Vs. Jennifer Garner Vs. Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene, Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde: Butter Premiere

Hasn’t Butter taken its own sweet time to get to the U.S? I remember Olivia Wilde wearing this Grecian Marchesa gown to the world premiere of the film last year in Toronto. So now that it’s here, expect promotions in every city, which isn’t the worst thing in the world since it’s the cast comprising Olivia, Jennifer Garner and Ashley Greene¬†doing the rounds. While Olivia went medieval with her event-wear last year, this year nixed the time travel and decided to bring out the best of this century’s designers. That sexy skin-tight white dress is by¬†Alexander McQueen dress as is the boxy metallic clutch. Her gold court shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and the earrings are House of Lavande. We bet she wore McQueen yesterday at Jon Stewart as well! Speaking of talk shows, co-star, Jennifer, was on Ellen as well, looking quite lovely in cornflower blue. She busted out that red Gucci yesterday which also looks amazing on her, but we do have a minor quibble about her lack of accessories. The makeup may be ace but it’s nothing new on Jennifer and I wish she would take some more risks, especially since she decided to go Gucci. Lastly, Ashley brings up the flank in a blush-colored, demure Donna Karan SS13 wrap-dress. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to find this dress a tad nightgown-ish or blousy, but I happen to think it looks charming and vintage on her. Especially with those lovely side-swept tumbling waves! Perhaps a different shoe would have worked better, though. Your turn now. Give us your critiques. Who worked their dress most?

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Hugh Jackman Talks “Humiliating” Butter Sex Scene With Jennifer Garner

The only thing better than an excellently-filmed, superbly-acted sex scene? Hugh Jackman’s sex scene with Jennifer Garner in their upcoming political comedy Butter, because it was humiliating. “I did probably one of the most embarrassing things I had to do on a movie set, or funny anyway,” the Real Steal actor told the Huffington Post. Other than star in Scoop, right Hugh? Scoop must be a close runner-up.

“We have an off-screen love scene, Jen and I, and it takes place in the back of a car, you don’t see anything. We had to record it in a car,” Hugh explained. Unfortunately, technical issues required the sound people to record Garner and Jackman separately. As Hugh explains, “And so, we both had to kind of perform our version, in character, of sex while the other one is quiet. And it was impossible not to be laughing your head off while the other person is doing it. That was humiliating… Guys never sound good during sex. It’s impossible to sound good.”Oh please, like 60% of the Earth’s population wouldn’t want to hear that, Hugh. Either way, we bet you still sounded better than Scoop sounded on the big screen. Seriously, that was not a particularly good movie!