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Alex Rodriguez And Cameron Diaz Play Host Together


The love-fest between Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz is so on. They’re even hosting do’s together now! Like at The Lion, a West Village eatery, where they entertained a table-full of friends. A source reported, ” They arrived around 10 p.m. with a group of eight friends and sat in the private lounge upstairs. The staff took turns guarding the ropes that led to their upstairs room, which was theirs exclusively for the dinner party.” Looks like all that talk about eloping hasn’t scared him off one bit. Question is… how much more pissed will Kate Hudson be when she hears about how smoothly things seem to be going?

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Romantic Cameron Diaz Okay With Eloping (Hear That, A-Rod?)


Great news for Alex Rodriguez. Cameron Diaz told, “I am a romantic. I love romance. I’m not afraid of commitment. I commit to everything I’m doing and I am hopelessly loyal.” And she already has an idea of how she wants to tie the knot, “The mystique and the romance of a big wedding are lost on me. I don’t think that I could ever do something that extravagant. I am not much of a planner. I would probably make the phone call 20 minutes before the bus leaves for the chapel and ask if anyone is available to come. That’s probably how my wedding is going to end up.” Is that a hint?

Cam capped off with, “I think that the rules in relationships are: no tricks, honesty, communication, treat people the way you want to be treated, unconditional love. Those are the things that I think are important. But, you know, rules are made to be broken.” It remains to be seen if this one’s  just a summer romance or not!

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Kate Hudson Pissed With Cameron Diaz


The Cameron Diaz-Alex Rodriguez hook up and ensuing love-fest has someone’s panties in a twist… his ex Kate Hudson. Us Weekly’s new issue reports of a major feud between Cameron and Kate over the Yankee star. The dish is that, “An insider believes Diaz is bedding Rodriguez as a form of retaliation after Hudson hooked up with Justin Timberlake in January 2007 — just two days after the couple of four years split.”

The source also says, “Kate thinks it’s payback, pure and simple.” Apparently, they’re on to something because they’ve quoted a Cam.D pal saying,  “Cameron was actually in a serious long-term relationship with Justin. She thinks it’s a joke Kate would be mad. Kate is only upset because she hates being single.” The battle extends to them fighting for the same role with sources saying, ” Kate thinks Cameron is an aging old lady actress struggling to remain sexy and relevant.”  Meow!

And this is not the first time reports of a K.Hud feud have surfaced. Apparently Jennifer Aniston and Hudson weren’t too happy with each other, and it was all because of …Gerard Butler. Hudson allegedly hooked up with Butler, and Jen went postal. “Even though she and Gerard are no longer together, Jen feels Kate was encroaching on her territory,” a source told  the National Enquirer. You know K-Hud… this kinda sounds like karma! What goes around, comes around. Oh wait… that’s a Justin Timberlake song! Full circle, baby!

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Cameron Diaz Sits Out A-Rod’s Games


So we know that Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are an item.  But it hasn’t stopped the blond actress from being benched during the Yankee slugger’s games. His ex Kate Hudson was around pretty much all the time last summer, which didn’t bode too well for that relationship. But …practice makes perfect, right A-Rod?

According to BettyConfidential, a source blabbed, “He doesn’t want what happened to him and Kate to happen between him and Cameron. Kate was at every New York game and then some and even went to Alex’s game practice. Things got too clingy too fast.” Rodriguez was said to have been put off by Hudson pushy behavior. The new couple, though, are trying to keep things on the down-low. The source went on to say, “Cameron is not really into baseball, so she wouldn’t want to go to all the games. She’s private, too. She has her own career going and she’s not going to give that up for anyone. And, right now she’s booked solid, so it works for the two of them.”

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