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Is Camila Alves Pregnant Again?

camila-alves-200xCamila Alves is gorgeous, there’s no arguing. Alves and Matthew McConaughey have had two babies in two years, and now twenty-eight-year-old Camila is stepping out in some wardrobe choices that may indicate they have another baby-love on the way. Do you agree with some of our friends that she’s looking “bumpy”?

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Camila Alves, Barefoot Shopper


As New Yorkers, we’re perhaps a little more uptight than people on the West Coast about things like going barefoot in public. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – there is far too much poo on the ground in this city to take that kind of chance.

Still, celebs, especially ones in L.A. don’t fear what we fear and have no problem walking around sans shoes, and if you’re last name is McConaughey or Alves, forget it, you’re the reigning king and queen of shoelessness. Camila Alves picked up…her Chinese takeout, it looks like?…and even though she had no shoes, she appeared to get served. As for her lo mein, she deemed it “Alright, alright, alright.”

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Sarah Jessica Parker Fixes Her Oscar Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker

For someone who’s allegedy a master at style, Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t always know how to pick her battles. Days after she unwisely chose “massive, complicated bun” over “hair that isn’t totally frizzed out” at the Oscars (forget The Morgans, Sarah, did you hear about the hairspray?), the Sex And The City star looked considerably more relaxed at Bravo’s upfront party yesterday, where she hawked the upcoming art-themed reality show she’s producing (the working title is American Artist, but we vote for So You Think You Can Paint?). Parker wasn’t the only cinema star present—Matthew McConaughey came along to support girlfriend, Shear Genius host Camila Alves. Be like Mateo, Sarah, and keep it casual next time.

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Levi McConaughey Is As Cool As His Daddy

Matthew McConaughey & Levi

Hugh Jackman and daughter Ava weren’t the only Sexiest Man And Cutest Kid Alive pair spending quality time in NYC yesterday. Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves took son Levi McConaughey for walk around the park, with Levi sporting the hat, floppy hair and faded denim you’d expect to see on the scion of the Mateo legacy. “See that brah there, Levi? That’s a pap. Now I told you not to talk to strangers and that goes triple double for them guys with cameras. Bros makin’ their living following cool people around…just pay ‘em no mind.”

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Matthew McConaughey And Camila Alves Welcome A Daughter


Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves had us all fooled – we thought they were just a pair of laid-back, barefoot hippies, but they are in fact industrious baby-making machines. The insanely good-looking couple just welcomed baby number two into the world on January 3rd,  a daughter named Vida.

The actor wrote on his awesomely named “J.K. Livin'” website, “Vida is Portuguese for ‘life,’ and that’s what God gave us.” Vida will join 17-month-old big bro Levi in the Alves-McConaughey drum circle. [Photo: GettyImages]