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Justin Bieber Wants To Raise His Kids Canadian

Some people want to raise their kids Catholic, others wish to raise them Jewish. But Justin Bieber knows for sure that he wants to raise his offspring Canadian. Yes, like a shaggy headed salmon returning upstream, the teen superstar has told TMZ that he eventually wants to settle down in his native Canada to raise his children. “I think it would be cool to get a condo out here [in LA],” he admitted. “But eventually I’m going to want to move back to Canada and raise my family up there. I’m Canadian and I want my kids to be Canadian, eh!” We’re sure that Canadian immigration is about to get flooded with visa applications from teenage girls worldwide. But most importantly, what does Selena Gomez think about all this!

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The 30 Sexiest Canadians On The Planet

Happy Canada Day! Our neighbors to the North are known for a lot of things: health care, cold weather, manners, Degrassi and some solidly hot stars. To celebrate their national holiday we’ve gathered our picks for the 30 Hottest Canadians on the Planet. Ryan Reynolds, Nina Dobrez, Justin Bieber, Cory Monteith, Coco Rocha — who’s your favorite? [Insert “eh” and “aboot” joke here.]

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The Mounties Rock The Juno Awards In Canada

Oh, Canada. We love you so much. We love you for all the HGTV shows you’ve exported to us, and for your delicious poutine, and for Alex Trebek. We also love that your Royal Mounted Police officers show up to award shows like this weekend’s Juno Awards to pose with all the biggest names in Canadian music. Seriously, every Canadian musician you’ve ever heard of was there, and they were too nice not to pose with the Mounties. Drake? Yup. Neil Young? You bet. Shania Twain and Sarah MacLachlan? Dur.

Check out the entire list of musicians who posed on the Canadian Carpet with the Mounties, we dare you to name one musician from the Great White North who wasn’t there. (God, now we need to go to Epcot just to watch the Canada movie in Circle-Vision 360 to get this out of our system.)

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