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Bobbi Kristina Brown Crashes Into Boyfriend Nick Gordon’s Car, Proves These Two Are Terrible Drivers

Bobbi Brown crashes into Nick Gordon's car

We’re getting the impression that bad things come in twos for the Brown family. First Bobby Brown got his second DUI of 2012 a few weeks back, and now his daughter Bobbi Kristina is involved in her second car accident in the space of a few months! The only child of the late Whitney Houston bumped her brand new Camaro into her boyfriend-adoptive brother Nick Gordon’s matching brand new Camaro on Monday, smashing up the front bumper pretty badly in the process. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident, which happened in the garage of the couple’s apartment building in Georgia.

Apparently Bobbi Kristina was trying to pull into a spot besides Nick’s car and just…really messed it up big time. She must have given it a pretty good whack, because reports say that even the air bags deployed! According to TMZ alcohol did not play a part in the fender bender; the more innocent explanation is that these two are just really bad at driving. “Some great days can turn sour quick,” she posted to her twitter soon after. “Take advantage of your happiness. (: Xxxo.” Hang in there, Bobbi Kristina, and keep both hands on the wheel!

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Amanda Bynes Gets Into Another Car Accident, Continues Her Transformation Into Lindsay Lohan

It’s official: the evil demon spirit that used to inhabit the body of Lindsay Lohan is now taking over Amanda Bynes. That’s the only way to explain how the former All That star suffered yet another car accident in L.A. last night.  According to TMZ, Amanda’s was rear-ended at 8 PM as she was driving her rental car through the San Fernando Valley. The other driver claims that the collusion was the result of Amanda’s wreckless driving. For those of you keeping score, this brings her personal total to 1 DUI, 3 hit-and-runs, 1 flee from police (and a partridge in a pear tree). Ouch.

But wait, you say. What if paranormal activity isn’t responsible for all of this motor mayhem? What if she just sucks at driving? We could see why you’d think that. The  L.A. traffic drove us literally to the brink of tears when we tried to drive out there. But then we saw these pictures of a disheveled Bynes leaving a CVS. The leopard print, the oversized glasses, the sullen skin pale from too many days sleeping off hard nights. It reeks of Lilo! What do you want, evil spirit!? Let our former child actresses go!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Double Trouble With The IRS And A Law Suit … All In One Week

Can Lindsay Lohan ever have one month without getting into some sort of trouble? Hell to the N.O. This time around, Lilo’s in for a double whammy. Issue no. 1 is with a paparazzo named Grigor Balyan, who is suing the actress for hitting him with her car two years ago. Seriously. It took him that long to take her to court? The incident happened on January 10, 2010, and he claims she drove into him while leaving a club in a hurry. His case is that he had to be treated for orthopedic and neurological injuries and Lindz’s insurance company made him “an an insignificant offer”  as compensation.

Issue no. 2 is also a blast from her problematic past. The IRS has come knocking with an astounding $93,701 lien, as their records state she didn’t pay her taxes in 2009. Lindsay claims complete innocence in the matter as she thought her accountants had taken care of her finances, including her taxes. Sources close to Lohan told TMZ, “Lindsay was completely unaware of the problem,” and said the issue is being taken care of immediately. Let’s hope an issue no. 3 doesn’t crop up and interfere with that Elizabeth Taylor movie Lindsay is supposedly in the running for. Because, as far as her recent run goes — what movies?

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Lamar Odom’s Car Accident Claims Life Of A 15 Year Old Boy

Just yesterday, we reported how Lamar Odom was involved in an accident that left two people seriously injured. While Odom himself — he wasn’t driving — was left unscathed, a motocyclist and a bystander were hit ad taken to hospital in pretty bad condition. Unfortunately, the bystander, a 15 year old boy, died because of the injuries sustained sustained from the crash.

Lamar’s rented car was in the Queens neighborhood when the driver got into an accident with a motorcyclist, which rammed into the boy. He was rushed to hospital because of major head injuries and emergency surgery was performed. It’s just awful that he couldn’t be saved and passed away the following day. The boys funeral took place yesterday. Our sincere prayers go out to his family. Lamar was in town to attend a cousin’s funeral and is reportedly devastated about the boy’s death.

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Soulja Boy’s Mourns Death Of Younger Brother On Twitter

Given the amount of joy Soulja Boy has given us in the form of a dance we spent months annoying our friends with, it’s painful to find out that he and his family have suffered a tragedy. Reportedly, Soulja Boy’s brother Deion Jenkins died in a car accident Sunday night. Soulja Boy tweeted about his brother yesterday, writing “at home crying my eyes out I can’t believe my Lil bro is gone… today is so not my day.. RIP lil brother love you always :(” Producer CEO Miami Mike tweeted his condolences to the rapper as well, saying “The Flags are @ Half Staff @ the Offices of SODMG & PTE, R.I.P. to @Souljaboy little brother who passed-way in a auto crash last nite :-(”

According to MediaTakeOut, 14-year-old Deion was riding in a car in Charlestown, Mississipi when the accident occured. We hope Soulja Boy and his family are doing as well as they possibly can given the circumstances. At least they have the consolation of knowing how cool it must have been for him to have Soulja Boy as an older brother.

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Mel Gibson Wrecks His Car, Karma Slowly Becomes A Bitch

BSLA 180706 B

Mel Gibson was uninjured after a car accident last night when he drove into a hillside on Malibu Canyon Road in L.A. His Maserati wasn’t so lucky – it had to be towed away after smashing into the rocky shoulder.

TMZ reports that the California Highway Patrol confirmed that Gibson was not under the influence of anything and was not on his cell phone at the time of the accident.  However, when asked if he dozed off, they report that “he did not give a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Gibson just repeated several times, ‘I don’t know how the car left the roadway.'” As much as we want to chalk this up to karma and all that, we secretly know that Mel is just pulling a Jenna from 30 Rock - this is like the time she kept faking emergencies so someone would call the paramedics so she could find the one EMT she has a crush on. Only in Mel’s case, he’s just hoping to be reunited with his beloved Sugar Tits again.

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