Carla Bruni


First Baby?


She may be 41 and he may be 54, but these two spring chickens want a baby! French President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni are fixin’ to put a bun in the oven, according to a pal. Advertising tycoon Jacques Seguela, who introduced the couple at a Paris dinner party two years ago, said, “Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni very much want to have a child. Carla has already said so several times, otherwise I would not be allowed to say this. Everyone knows about it now. They are a young couple, and like all young couples, they want to start a family.”

Nicolas also has other motives for having a little bundle of joy: he thinks it will boost his chances for re-election in 2012. Nicolas has three children already from his previous marriages, and Carla has a son, Aurelian, from her relationship with philosophy professor Raphael Enthoven. [Source: Daily Mail; Photo: Getty Images]


Nicolas Sarkozy Personalizes His Facebook Page


Although he has been criticized in the past for parading his private life around, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has revamped his Facebook page to give it a more personal touch.

“President Bling-Bling” as he was named, based on his love of flashy watches and his supermodel wife, added personal home videos of him and wife Carla Bruni playing with their dogs and interacting while discussing things like his recent workout or visit with the Iraqi prime minister.

The president’s office said the revamp was made in an effort to show “the man rather than the head of state.” Showing “the man” also included replacing his somber photo in a suit and tie with an all-smiles shot, where the Prez unbuttons his top and shows off some of his tan chest. [Source: Reuters; Photo: Getty Images]


Carla Bruni Nude Photo For Sale


Only in France can you see the First Lady butt naked, well, at least in a photo that is going up for auction June 4th at Berlin’s Villa Grisebach Auction.

The naked photo, called Carla Bruni In Bed, shows the former supermodel lying on a bed with her boobs out, and the rest of her body covered by a white sheet. It was shot in 1994 when Carla was 26 and dating Mick Jagger, and has a reserve price of around $6,000.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has apparently no qualms about the photo of his wifey in the buff, and says, “Some may be nude, but she is a beautiful woman who was a model and only ever posed for pictures that had artistic merit.” [Source: Le Post; Photo: Getty Images]


Carla Bruni And Nicolas Sarkozy Want YSL’s Former Home

Carla Bruni Nicolas Sarkozy

Only the best is good enough for French First Lady Carla Bruni and hubby President Nicolas Sarkozy. The couple reportedly have their eyes on a luxurious second home in Paris, which used to belong to famed designer Yves Saint Laurent.

The three story apartment has been on the market since June, when the designer died at age 71, and is priced at $5.3 million. Carla reportedly wants to snap up the pad and turn it into a “love nest” for her and her hubby.

“Carla was a close personal friend of Yves and would relish moving into his flat with her husband,” a source reveals. “They want a little love nest where they can get away from the hurly burly of the Elysee and Yves’ place would fit the bill perfectly.” [Source: Daily Mail; Photo: Getty Images]